Lets get this place cranking with a mega thread

Post anything you like, I suggest meals of the day, workout logs, questions, sups, recover hacks etc

We can always peel off into new threads if it takes off. Now I fuck around on the OG like no one else but it would be helpful if we could keep this on topic/s

@Cool-Arrow @Liyon @2buff @Stuka_Walki please join.

How about an intro post?

Age; early 40s
Height; 6ft
Weight; 107KG/235LB?
Current program; Winging it after umbilical hernia surgery but stopped WLing years ago and basically powerbuild now

Please invite other lifters. Cheers boys


I am coming off a 100 dips a day challenge. Great results. Starting phase one of Dan Johns 5 can you go workout. It consists of the 5 basic movements.

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Just finished my morning workout. Today was legs and core day

I leg press 530lbs. 5x5

My calves are bigger and stronger than yours. Deal with it