Lets GO Chiefs....!

Down 31- 0 to the vikings in the 3rd....crank up the chiefs fight song

the vikings are correct.

The Vikings are an awesome team when they get a lead. When they dont, they are a different team. Watch out people the Vikings are now fueled by FROPOWER!

Chiefs won't go too far in the playoffs. They have given up way too many points to both Vikes and Broncos. You can't win a championship with that type of defense in the NFL.

GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!1

2-2 against teams with winning records. What a great team.

People were calling this game an upset...I guess they had no idea the Chiefs have the easiest schedule in the NFL

fuck you guys cornholes.

"2-2 against teams with winning records"

ummm...there were more teams we beat with winning records. They just went down hill after we shitcanned them. Now they don't have winning records, but they did then.

You mean the Pittsburg who was 1-0 when you played them or the Bills who were 4-3? That's as good as it gets and that's in October. Nevermind getting spanked by the Bengals, Broncos, and Vikings in the last 2 months of the season.

Chiefs had a soft schedule. 6 games against good teams which they split. 3 wins in the first 2 months and 3 losses in the last two months. Not a good precedent.

1-1 in Week 3 doesn't count for much of a winning record.

Correction Chiefs had a very SOFT schedule.....ranked 29th in the league

lol. My boys K-State had one of the easiest games in the NCAA, but they still BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF OU. Yeah, the lost to Ohio State, but who gives a fuck.