let's have Baroni vs. Rivera

This would be a good match hype-wise. Qualifies as a UFC undercard match. Winner stays in UFC.

Boston-NY angle makes it work.


I just don't want to see Phil fight in the UFC for a while. The schtick is getting old, and I don't see him evolving as a fighter.

How many times will we have to watch him lose rematches due to him not learning from past mistakes ?

Just my opinion so flame away if you want.

Phil, show us something new! Learn from Enson and surprise us!

We know you can punch but please, work your ass off with your new team and show us you're going to be a more complete fighter. With 185 division, there isn't much room for error if you are going to be a top level guy.

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let's not

Baroni v/s David "The Crow" Loiseau (sp?)


Have Baroni come up to Canada to fight David in TKO.

I think Baroni needs to earn his spot back in the UFC.

Give his spot to HORN....

Well, I don't think Baroni should go right back to UFC.... BUT he PROBABLY will. IF he does....... The Crow!



agreed either the crow or rivera

Feed him to the Crow! All that shit talking Baroni did about Canada and Canadian fighters......Let a good Montrealler whoop his NY "Bad" ass!


Brian Davis has pimpslapped the correct. Have Baroni back to rematch Amar or don't have him back at all.