Let's just face the fact that...

Silva is dead meat.
Saku by submission.

Yeah, baby!

  1. (Where there's a will...)


"Where there's a will"

Sometimes true, but history has shown that it doesn't apply in Sak's case.

Have you picked up a crack habit since going back to the States?

Silva by career-ending beating.

Or possible life ending........

I hope Saku wins but I doubt it.

Mr. Lee, I've been looking for you. I dug your well-written post on the other forum and wanted to talk to you about something. Please send me an email at ramenchronicles@yahoo.co.jp, if you don't mind.

You aren't gonna ask him out or anything like that, right dude? LOL...just kidding.

Actually, I just want to quote one of his posts on another site, but thought it would be a good idea to secure his permission first.

Go Saku.

I'm rooting for Sak, the best 185 pounder in history, but saying Silva is dead meat is downright silly. I bet Sak has a good game plan and extends Silva, but he's still the underdog by any reasonable analysis.