"Let's just put child pr0n on his phone!" her friend said


This is terrifying and could theoretically be done by NSA against certain people.


Pretty sure that’s how we got the govt. officials that we have already. Or, at least a fair number of them.


Stupid bitches doing stupid bitch shit. I bet he’s laughing so hard at them


She probably stole sleepy joes phone.


This wasn’t the first time a woman framed a man for a sex crime, and it won’t be the last.


No. They got them by filming them fucking young girls at Epstein island.


I wouldn’t even know how to get CP in the first place.


Not completely on subject but the other day at work a broadcast was sent out about not watching porn on your work computers, which I thought was obvious. But then the next line said “not even child porn”. Shouldn’t that be at the top of the list?


How are these idiots even finding kiddie porn? I don’t want the actual info on how they do it, I’m just amazed that they are able to find it. Even dumber thinking that any sites they did find weren’t being monitored by the FBI and would result in them getting caught.

You work for the Biden admin?


“ Officers say Husks used Brandon’s old cellphone and took over nine hundred screenshots of child porn from the internet.”

I know I’m gonna get the “Laziest pedo ever” comment but the statement above is weird to me.

Like where in the fuck are you coming across 900 images of child porn? Not like you can Google that shit and not like I would go looking for it but I would assume that shit is pretty hard to come by, no?

Maybe I’m just naive, but I would assume that you’d have to search pretty fucking hard to come across legit child porn, correct?


Save all that bitter misogyny for another thread @DaveFu !

suspicious GIF


Thank goodness they were caught

The alternative is the dad is found guilty, his life and reputation ruined, probably gets fucked up in jail, and the psycho mom raises the kids


“You just picked a BAD ONE!”

Some people belive this, or something like it, has been done.

I vaguely remember the story of a reporter who I think was very critical of the government. She took her computer in for repairs or something, and they found classified government documents on her computer, but they were in weird locations like buried in the Windows directory where no one would ever save files to. She believes the government put them there, so they could later bust her and charge her with having classified info.

Like I said, I vaguely remember the story, but I remember she wrote a book about it, so I assume she has evidence that it wasn’t her that out the files there


I get that there are plenty of bad women out there, and maybe a lot more now than ever before, but didnt everyone with a good wife pick a good one and everyone with a bad wife pick a bad one? You seem to favor the idea that there are so many bad ones out there that nobody should try to find a good one. Seems defeatist to resign onesself to a life of solitude and jacking off simply because its more challenging than it used to be to find a good woman, no?

Either way, this one is a “very bad one” lol.


What a prize:

Hell just last week a dude in parliament over in the UK had to resign because he got caught watching porn in the commons… seriously who watches porn at work??