Lets move on. How will Condit stop the takedown?

GSP coming back from two knee injuries is interesting. I wonder how his wrestling will be effected.

Either way I'm almost certain at some point in the fight gsp will hit the knee tap. Question is: Can Condit stop it?

The answer's easy silly, by running away.

A doo run run

 By throwing flying knees and putting Georges to sleep. 

He won't simple as that.

GSP will not take Condit down. Due to the overwhelming response from Diaz fans, the UFC is now requiring all fighters to stand in designated spots in the ring and engage in Rock'Em'Sock'Em Robots until someone is knocked out. Anyone moving from said spots will immediately lose and be dubbed a cowardly bitch.

LOL @ "doo run run."

Unlike Diaz, GSP can actually hold fighters up against the cage and work for a takedown. This is not a good matchup for Condit.