Let's play Littlefinger's game on DNC

Why is the DNC pushing communist agends? They are Russian infiltrators trying to destabilize America through indoctrination of its youth to Marxist ideals.


Why is the MSM pushing division in this country at every level? They have been infiltrated by Russian destabilizing agents.


Why is the MSM pushing a bullshit boogeyman racist agenda? They are Russians trying to throw off the scent from their true boogeyman agenda. The destruction of America through the destabilization of its people and core values.


Why is the MSM saying Nazis have infiltrated government at all levels and we need to be weary of racists? Because they are Marxists who have infiltrated America and pushing their agenda to hide their scent.


Why is the MSM pushing "muh Russia" narrative? Because THEY ARE MARXISTS TRYING TO THROW US OFF THE FUCKING SCENT.


We've been jnfiltrated, y'all D:

Seems about right.