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Some explain $uidideboy$ to me. I’ve tried to give them a chance multiple times but I can’t get into em

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Sounds like time better spent listening to c blu and set da trend imo. C Blu x Set Da Trend - No Ozone (shot by KLO Vizionz) - YouTube

This one is like batter up by the st lunatics except we have left the disney era

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Not really sure how to describe them. Two white dudes from New Orleans who have taken the horrorcore sound used by Three Six Mafia in the mid to late 90s and have expanded on it. Their subject matter is generally drug abuse, depression, etc… the bullshit of daily life. One of their members produces all of their tracks. Heavily sampled, bass heavy, trap beats. They release everything on their own independent label.

If you like something different from conventional rap, check it out. I listen to a few guys that are considered horrorcore like Brotha Lynch Hung, and Spice 1. $uicideboy$ do things a little differently though. They have a pretty consistent formula they follow with short songs, and usually release projects every year.

When I first heard them, the song instantly caught my attention. I know that some of what they write is fiction (hence horror-based) but a lot of it is real and based on their own daily lives. Some of their verses are throwaways because of the sheer volume of their music but they are surprisingly more lyrically skilled than you expect, especially Ruby. Here’s some of their good shit:

I’m a big fan of theirs. There is some stuff that’s annoying (one of the members referring to themselves as ‘Scarecrow’ and some songs with weird autotune shit but overall the past two years I have listened to them more than most other rap artists. My wife and I are going to see them next month.

I can’t get into them. I’m big on Pouya though who is kinda in the same vein.

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Yeah seems like it’s split down the middle between people who love them and people who hate them. I do like Pouya but listen to SB more often. Maybe because of the production. I like the darkness of everything they do

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This won’t be for everyone but I am a fan of horrorcore and I really like this shit. I just heard it for the first time.

RIP Pat Stay

Pat Stay released this diss track yesterday and then last night he went out on the town in Halifax and was stabbed to death.

He’s a pretty well known Battle rapper if you haven’t heard of him.

Damn. His body bag got put in a body bag. Literally. RIP

Never liked pat as a battle rapper and as a human being, he had some problems, still fucked up doe.

This right here is one of the best of this form