Lets say you find $200 today..

Walking down the street, u find two crisp 100$ bills, what do you do? Save it? buy something you've had your eye on? Phone Post 3.0

Buy 10 $20 hookers Phone Post 3.0

Hookers and blow Phone Post 3.0

this happened to me once, I think I spent it on an LIRR round trip to NYC, some booze/partying and a couple porn mags Phone Post 3.0

Easy. Put it to my car.

The hard part would be not spending it on something before putting it in my account. Phone Post 3.0

Thats $200 I didnt have, so I'd probably give it to a homeless guy. Phone Post 3.0

I would do nothing but spend it like I normally spend money. In college however that would go to weed :D

Fuel for my gun build project. Phone Post 3.0

pay for a tank of gas and our meal saturday night. Rest on groceries and normal stuff.

Steak & Scotch

I'd have an amazing assortment of sushi for lunch and then buy an amazing piece of beef to throw on the grill for dinner. Throw what's left in savings. Phone Post 3.0

Take the hubby out for dinner. Phone Post 3.0

2 girls at the same time. Is that not enough money? Phone Post 3.0

PS3 and a used game.


sounds like stumbling onto a free Oz of weed to me

fill my gas tank, fill my fridge

I'd put it in my savings account which would put it at $1000.00 for the first time ever! Phone Post 3.0

Is give it all to Charity. Phone Post 3.0


Charity is the nicest looking hooker in these parts! Phone Post 3.0

Half savings, half fun money. Because I bartend I always estimate a low end average of what I think I'll make each shift. When I make over that, I normally take 3/4 to savings and the rest is fun. If it was just free money...50/50 Phone Post 3.0