Let's see if he even fights...

Thought the years, there's been lots of. crap the UFC has tried to spoon feed us. The CM Punk garbage smacks of bullshit.

This will generate a ton of publicity and gain lots of new fans wanting to get the lay of the land before Punk makes his debut. Many of them will get hooked. They do this crap in Japan all the time.

I doubt he will even fight. If he does, it'll be against a nobody or a way over the hill guy who's paid to take a dive.

This is a total disgrace for the UFC. Askren is amongst the best in the world, and an entertainer gets in while Askren doesn't. Dana has really cheapened the brand... Phone Post 3.0

He's surely going to fight once. Surely.


DirtehSneakehs - Who cares now shit that news is old by now. What's next for Pettis? What about Duffman's next fight? You just want the UFC to fail don't you? You don't care about anything positive about last night do you? And here I thought we shared a magical moment when a UFC card didn't suck. Phone Post 3.0
I love the sport. The guys who fought were fantastic. Lawler spent the past 15-20 years earning his moment. That's why signing CM Punk is such a disgrace. Phone Post 3.0

MMA Playwright -
He very well might. There are lots of guys out there with that going for them. A big part of fighting in the UFC is supposed to be earning your way in. If Askren hadn't paid his dues, how can signing Punk be rationalized? Phone Post 3.0