Let's talk about brand new PS5 exclusive Marvels Wolverine!

That video showed a bunch of man-children. Cringe AF.

There is some good games going to the PS5 and there is also some good games going to XSX. You can buy both or pick the one you prefer.
But to act like no good games going to the Xbox is just silly

I’m looking forward to it but it’s 2023 at the earliest

I’m just ready for God of War. I’m surprised the Norse setting won’t be a trilogy. It’ll be interesting to see how they transition to other mythologies

Valid… So long as it costs a $1,000 PS4 isn’t going anywhere. I assume they know that and it’s why they’re still releasing so many games on PS4.

Hahaha love this:)

Lol at this faggot fan boy.

PS5 is tho much cooler than Xbox, 7331 haxors!

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I have a PS5 but I barely play it. I think the shortages are probably deliberate until they build up a solid library. If everyone had a PS5 right now they’d be complaining that there’s nothing out for it.

It’s cool, but to run games with true next gen graphics you have to set it for 30 FPS…and that sucks.

I have PS3 ports on my PC that look more impressive overall than what’s on the PS5.

XBox is pointless to me though.

It’s not the first game to include Wolverine. Have they released any video of the game play yet? Not really sure why everyone is dropping their panties yelling fuck me fuck me at any and all strangers walking by.

Fucking pissed cause there’s a game called death loop that’s now out but it’s ps5 only and you can’t find the consoles anywhere still


27 isn’t exactly 14 bud, you can be a dork, you can be abrasive, but you can’t be both.

What would be cool is an open world game like GTA or FarCry that you can choose anyone from the Marvel universe.

I haven’t seen much on this one, the Spiderman games were well done, replay ability isn’t very high on games like that though.

Yep, both are good systems, my kids switched because of Spiderman but PlayStation controllers are just too small for my hands.