i've been asking around as to what lindland has done to be #1 in the
division(mmaweekly) getting no good answers just lol or stfu, who is #1
in the division and why. I can't decide on a clear cut #1-OPINIONS?

so no intelligent discussion on here? maybe i should have made a thread
discussing an internet feud or how flabby someone's body is?

It's really amazing how much flabbier Sylvia got after getting off the roids.

yeah baby thats what im talkin about -

I'll go with Lindland as #1, 2, or 3 at 185. He took care of Horn well and arguably beat Rampage. Before that he was already top tier. Who can beat him?

Fihlo...highly doubt it
Misaki...highly doubt it

That's what i was thinking justice. I just don't get lindland as #1 from
mmaweekly. His biggest win was horn or miletich from several years back.
Then there is silva, who has a few questionable losses on his resume, but
looks rejuvenated by fighting for a title. Franklin got squashed by silva,
but put some serious work on tanner and crow. I just can't see a clear #1.
thought this issue deserved some discussion, flame on.

Swick is second best fighter to come out of TUF, after diego. i think he's
got a great future provide he doesn't get embarassed if he fights rich or
anderson. let him fight the winner of marquardt/lister then title match.

I'm scared for rich, he might have had his heart taken vs. silva, lets see
how he comes back.

Kang can be a serious threat, but hendo is busy with silva for now.

Filho has the #1 momentum right now with the GP win, but how do you
dismiss silva?

Lindland is NOT #1, they just put him there because there is no real good argument for anyone else at 185.

I mean you have Anderson Silva, but he never performed great in Pride, but made a big impact in the UFC destroying Leben (not really an opponent who will give you alot of top 10 credit) and Franklin

In Pride you have Henderson, Misaki, Filho and Kang.

Henderson is the champion, but hasnt defended his belt officially ever, his last and next fights are both at 205 so its very hard to make a case for him at number 1.

Filho would be a great candidate, however, having that knee injury and being unable to compete in the finals of the Grand Prix would make him a questionable number 1. If he comes back off his injury and beats Kang, Misaki, or Henderson I think he should be number 1, but for the time being he is not.

Misaki got absolutely dominated by Filho and then submitted, but made a miraculous comeback in the finals against Kang after Filho could not compete and won a close decision. However, he can't be number 1 because he got destroyed by Filho earlier that night.

Kang has become a real explosive and exciting fighter, however, losing the decision to Misaki in the finals of the tournament can't put him in the number 1 slot either.

So really, there is no clear number 1 contender, and until Silva, Filho, Misaki and Kang all fight again, there will be no great way to gauge who is the best.

No jbj you are the actual joke, no one on this thread thinks matt is #1
you fuckin jackass go back to trolling asshole.

I lean towards hendo too, but his recent loss is bad for his cred as #1

can't leave misaki off, possibly marquardt

I am telling you , if given the opportunity Marquardt will be champ very soon.

Marquardt will hopefully not be a champ again ever. He is boring to watch. It wasn't just the fight with Salavery...he is always too careful unless he fights lesser talent. It'll be Militech all over again if he ever gets a UFC belt.

I can't wait to see how everyone who is talking about Lister changes their stories in about four days. I can't beleive how underrated Marquardt is, even amongst those of you who aren't moronic trolls.

Nate will be the champ, and will more than likely hold the belt for some time to come.

MATT LINDLAND! End of thread!

who has lindland beat, none of the people mentioned. thread resumed

Lutter... after he beats Silva. Just kidding, sort of, but not really, well maybe, but I guess you'll never know, will you?