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Kinda like how Bonds had to get roided out of his mind to get an edge on the home run lead

I’m surprised @Raider_8 hasn’t commented on this incredible play.

While I was talking a little smack on Mookie, in my defense .250 isn’t really good, however this play, is better than good

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He’s been playing through injuries all year. Mookie influences the game even when he’s not hitting.


I know…that was an awesome time!!
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He hit that one over the foul pole into the upper deck at Dodger Stadium…never seen anyone get close to the upper deck there


I tried posting it from espn app but it didn’t work

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Nice play…Puig made WAY more impressive plays in right tho

Such a shame steroids weren’t just made totally legal. Home run derby every night

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Nicky Two-Strikes on the 60 Day DL. Fuck

Must be young…it was home run derby every night…lol

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deGrom is carving up SD through 4.


I don’t blame Bauer he tried to get them to do something for several years to no avail. He knew what was happening and was pretty outspoken against it and they did nothing.


Yup, clearly a case of “if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.”

He tried to do the right thing and shine a light on it, they did nothing. Straight up admitted he could add RPMs if he wanted, and then did so when they didn’t act.

And ultimately he finally got them to do something. It’s clear he was a big part of exposing it. I think the one pitcher who is ok with them cracking down will be Bauer.

I think a lot of players don’t care what the rule is, they just want a level playing field.

Either everybody can roid, or nobody can.
Either all pitchers can use the Spider Tack, or nobody can.

Just like with umpiring, consistency is all you are asking for.

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Baseball players bend the rules.

And now he’s got 2 RBIs as well.

Jesus… batters are hitting .056 against Ohtanis non-fastballs.

Catch up Socal bitches…2 hit shut out for the best team In the NL
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Dodgers with 3 HR’s and 6 runs in the 1st.

Course it’s the Rangers…

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Watch you mouth…we have Rangers fans amongst us

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