Lets talk baseball

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Ohtani looked good for part of the game. Madden left him in about 3 hitters too long. Be interesting to see if he can continue to succeed playing both ways.

Blue Jays finally have something to show for the Donaldson trade. Merryweather throwing pure heat in the NYY series.

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So far so good… It’s about time the Jays have some heat in the bullpen.

A guy starting a game pitching throwing 101 heaters with a disgusting unhittable splitter and then turning around and launching 450 foot bombs in the same inning is just damn absurd. Ohtani is a damn freak.



Yeah man. You are 100% correct in talking about this in this thread. It’s quite the accomplishment.

Batted 2nd in the lineup. That’s crazy for a pitcher.

Texas Rangers with a PACKED BALLPARK!!!


Dodgers gonna repeat! Mookie Betts is the best player in baseball and its not even close

There is not a single study showing covid spreading outdoors open the roof now while it’s still nice out and let people make their own risk assessment.

Well… the Braves are off to a slow start. Hopefully we can pick it up soon


Hes going to have to completely change his swing…nice contract Padres…L oh fuckin l

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I was going to say torn labrum. I had one and it was brutal, got to the point where basic everyday motions would cause a sublaxation. I don’t see how he can strengthen it to the point where it doesn’t re-occur

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spjackson must be on suicide watch after Tatis Jr got hurt.

I didn’t know he had a history of problems with that shoulder going back to his minor league days.

He’ll never get through that whole contract

Any idea about how much the Padres would have to pay if they just wanted to cut him?

If he is too injury prone or unable to perform, he has zero trade value with his huge contract. But I do not know the details of if the Padres created an out in case they need to cut him. Do you?