Lets talk baseball

Can’t remember. Pretty sure there’s a no trade or no trade without consent clause in there.

There has to be a buyout or club option at some point.

Is MLB the same as NFL where there is a set percentage that you have to pay out on a contract(unless it’s the final year) if you cut them prior to the contract ending?

Pretty sure it’s fully guaranteed, spjackson was bragging about it having no opt outs and no trade clauses like they were a good thing lmao

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You can’t cut in MLB.

That’s why they have things like club options and buyout clauses after X amount of years in long term deals

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Are you sure about that? I know it’s a game but they try to simulate real life but in MLB the Show video game you can release a player, other teams can claim him off waivers but if they don’t, you have to pay out a certain amount of their contract.

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He’s giving away his season tickets…you should PM him…lol

MLB contracts are 100% guaranteed…minus buy outs which are rare

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Is this just bad luck/coincidence or is there some history with him

In the last 11 at bats, he was hit by a pitch…SIX TIMES

Baseball is a weird sport and weird shit happens every season.

Contreras needs to stop being a little bitch…or…charge the mound if you feel disrespected or targeted

Last 11 GAMES

That’s a lot more than 11 at bats.

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He has every right to be mad. Getting hit by a baseball thrown by a major league pitcher has got to hurt like a mother fucker!

I think he had the perfect reaction. Now if he gets hit again and doesn’t do shit, yeah then I can back off on defending him not being a little bitch.

I respectfully disagree…if your that pissed…charge the mound…if not…shut up and take your base like a man

Are you under the assumption he was being hit on purpose?