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Go ahead and keep duking it out…Giants quietly leading the division

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Dodgers and giants are both 6-1 against the Rockies this year. The Padres are 0-0. Enjoy that lead while it lasts!

Means for Balt gots a no-no heading into the ninth.

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Crazy they haven’t had one since the 60s…may have had a combined

Here we go

Nasty changeup


Wild pitch dropped third strike only thing preventing the perfect game.


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Nice! Sucks thats the way he lost the perfect game but still super impressive!!

Yay Mariners!!! :face_vomiting:

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Rockies Spanking the Giants right now

Since when is 4 runs “spanking”

Especially in Denver

At the end of the game when the Rockies won. Dogs won.

They did everything they could to try to lose that game…Giants couldn’t capitalize

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being an Angel fan is brutal. They have the greatest all around hitter in the game and an incredible once in a century two way player and they still will hover around .500 cause the pen is an arson squad and the rotation is totally inconsistent and the D implodes at times.

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In a shit division to boot

The national league is a shit league, in general.