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Nah, even when they were healthy theyd have 2 or 3 of the worst offensive players in the game in their lineup everyday. Easily the worst middle infield in baseball and zero prospects at any level to help at either position.

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@Barry_BondsMVP that one has to hurt.

It’s ok we’ll be moving along after tomorrow, you guys can get back to beating non championship contenders.

Also, I know the Giants scored 12 last night but the offense is atrocious. Is this what it’s been like so year Barry?

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If the Giants had a better bullpen it would be 3-0 Giants this series lol. They went from one of the best bullpens last year to one of the worst.

Smilin and I kept saying last year before the playoffs they needed to make a move and get a legit closer. They didn’t. The Giants won’t be in a WS for a while imo. What got them their 3 titles was home grown talent and signing solid vets. Two of their top prospects look like busts right now. Plus they have to eventually think about replacing Longoria, Crawford and Belt.

None of them are hitting this year. They are at least solid on defense.

At this point they need to go all in on a young solid bat and pitching. But they don’t spend money.

Their idea of playing 12 guys a game because of their deep bench only takes them so far.

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That’s basically what you’re saying and every fan will say that about their team. Hell, the braves blew last night’s game bc of bullpen. It could be 3-0 braves.

Bullpens are like taking a long shit. You don’t want to deal with them but they are impossible to avoid. Especially today’s game. You better have 4-5 reliable arms with a couple studs or you’re going to have a bad time.

After that’s of watching it with the Braves, that was one of the best parts of the WS run last year. A bullpen they blew so many games come together and dominate the playoffs. They absolutely should have been the MVP. A group bullpen MVP. Hell yeah.

Giants have a good team. Offense needs to take it up a notch.

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Two of the greatest players of all time should be enough to overcome a couple bad players tho…

Then it’s some kind of clubhouse problem ?

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They’ve blown a lot of games already. Not having a legit closer is an issue.

So Ohtani follows up a 8 RBI game by pitching 8 shutout innings, 13 Ks and 2 hits. Gave up the 2 hits to the first 2 batters of the game, then no more hits after that. Simply amazing. He’s lowered his ERA to 2.90 with 3 straight good pitching outings.


Imagine wanting to trade him lol

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And won’t make the playoffs…

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2 great + 2 horrible = average.

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Tell me about it. Yeah he completed dominated assholes in the playoffs but Will Smith had been the braves closer for the 2 previous years. Talk about maddening. Melacon was closer the year before that with great numbers and not many but clenching moments but all you hear from baseball people is Melancon(sp) doesn’t have the peripherals and doesn’t strike enough people out to me a long term solution. So the braves let him walk and imo he’s still been a really good closer/bp arm. Haven’t looked at his stats this season but that’s the part of saber metrics I hate.

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Baseball teams have 4 people on it?

Let’s be real. 2 all time great a few average guys that can get hot (ward and Walsh) and a bunch of guys that don’t belong on a MLB roster.


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Imagine wanting to have a winning record…

Ohtani doesn’t help you accomplish that?

hell yeah Braves!

Not without a bullpen, solid starters, a real mlb lineup, and guys that can make plays defensively.


3-0 Astros! 3 batters 3 runs!

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