Lets talk baseball

Jesus, Kimbrel is a liability

Kimbrel and Jansen both showing why each of their former teams moved on from them.

they beat Atlanta on the same fluke bull shit so what goes around comes around

fuck God damn Freddie . Fuck that worthless money grubbing fucking piece of shit !!!

you are right about you suck dick

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What are you on about? The Braves basically forced him out.

This is still mostly a faggot thread


So far so good…


Dodgers vs. Braves lived up to the hype. That was like a playoff series.


Stopped watching just after halfway through. Did anything eventually happen or was it another several minutes of nothing?

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Multiple people threw punches including Crawford, Julio Franco wanted to keep the fight going. Bullpens emptied


And then when it was over raisel iglesias shot-puted a crate of sunflowers seeds on to the field for some reason


Nice little fight…Wanker gave no fucks

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how the fuck did atlanta blow that game…

Rondon slapped the shat out of him.


Not pros, but I enjoyed the college world series this year, and not just because I’m an Ole Miss alum. Literally the last ones added to the tourney, and they walked away with the title.

That final game yesterday - man, I feel so bad for that Oklahoma pitcher, that kid was DOMINATING - gave up a single homer but had ~13 Ks in 6 innings. Left the game with a 1-0 lead and the relievers who came in lost it for them (catcher didn’t help, either).

And that Delucia kid for Ole Miss - 0.54 ERA over 17 innings in the CWS, that’s just gaudy.

Saw lots of good pitching on almost all the CWS teams this year, for that matter.

Rendon was the first guy out of the dugout even though his arm was in a cast. Ill give him credit for that even though he sucks. All Trout did was hug justin upton


Yeah if I was Mike Trout that’s all I would’ve done to. Hopefully he gets traded out of there this year. There is absolutely no sense for that team to have him there or for him to want to stay there.

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