Lets talk Denis Kang

Don't know much about him other than the fights I have seen him in Pride. Where does he train? Where is he from? Is he still under contract with Pride? Seemed like a well rounded fighter would like to see him fight some more.

I wouldn't bet against him that's for sure. Super tough guy.

Kang trains with ATT in Florida and I think he has some ties to Vancouver, British Columbia, CDN as well. (Soares?)

He is still under contract to Pride I think, but is off for a little longer after a hand injury his last fight in S. Korea.

I would love to see him rematch misaki, misaki is good, but kang went into that fight with a destroyed shoulder.

And a broken heart...

How many times has he broken his hands?

"I promise you that Herman or Kalib would hand him his ass"

Damn, thanks for making me laugh today. Priceless

I promise you that Herman or Kalib would hand him his ass"

Kalib is at ATT right now and could tel he first hand that he wouldnt touch Kang.

I think hes arguably #1 at 185.His hands may be the best in the division.Silva is the best all around striker,but I think in a boxing match he schools everyone in that division.He has very good subs,and also has wins over tough opponents.When he comes to the UFC,he takes the belt from anyone who has it at the time.

Once upon a time there was a fighter named Dennis Kang in Canada...This guy was HORRIBLE ...I mean he couldn't win a fight if his life depended on it.

But then an all new Dennis Kang emerged in PRIDE, this guy has been on quite the role. I dunno if he would beat the likes of Franklin, Henderson or Marquardt?...But he is not to be taken lightly anymore.

He must have gotten bionic implants or made a deal with the devil or something, cause he sure turned around his whole game in record time.

Would like to see him in the mix when UFC and Pride does the cross promotion. I didn't realize he trained with ATT. He is a bad ass no doubt.

EM, I was looking at his record and it seemed he was not doing very good, but when he went to Pride he went on a tear. Hope to see him fight real soon.


That is one hell of a highlight reel.

Thanks for the HL link that is bad!!

He is certainly a fighter that has learned, expanded and overcome.

I would consider him and Silva tops at 185 right now respectfully.

Certainly I was not taking away from the TUF guys fighters but come on this is KANG!


I saw that also Info, he is a down to earth guy and I'm sure the 50 bucks or whatever it was would be worth it.

Unfortunetly, I'm a continent away yet again for a great seminar.

First off, there is no way he stops Hermans take downs secondly Kalib is way to tall for him and would give him major problems.

Kalib would submit him at will


Been seeing Kalib lately at American Top Team. Boy has skills, but I have to give it to Denis.

ttt for Dennis..he is all class

Kang is definitely one of the best 185'ers out right now and gets the most improved award. i'd love to see him fight Baroni.