Lets Talk FavouriteCigarExperience

Of all of them, Il Don is breaking it down to the top 3

Last Friday, Il Don got a call from a prominent actor now residing in Phx, saying that a box of Hoyo De Monterey Double Coronas had just arrived from Switzerland, So, il Don traveled to the heralded Encanto district of Phoenix and shared 3 with 2 of Il Don's closest goombahs, along with Venezuelan Rum and Glenfiddich.

2) Mejico, Il Don fired up a Cohiba Lancero with a Mejican lass whose nipples were oh so perky, affixed to a C cup and a 9 face. The bitch was psycho, but aren't they all?

3) Just tonight, Il Don, fresh from Il Santisi Brothers, fired up a 4 year old 1964 PaDRON Belicoso. il Don's youngest daughter, more beautiful than most men will ever see, accompanied Il Don to Il Don's patio. While Il Don was smoking and splitting time between Newcastle and Guinnness, caused a raging fire. Said fire caused the ire of mama Don and La Donnita to have to go night night.

And yours?

Smoking a la aurora preferido at a BBQ with good friends, after a steak, paired with of all things a redbull vodka.

Smoking an un-remembered (but it was one of il don's first sampler packs) cigar on the deck of my condo in tahoe with a sam smith's oatmeal stout.

Smoking a cuban cohiba on my deck in vegas with my wife who got it for my bday.

Finally, at an italian restaurant in little italy (NY) called florios smoking a cao I had, then striking up a conversation with the owner, some bankers and an opera specialist. That turned into another smoke, lots of drinks and dispelling any notion of new yorkers being total assholes.


As of now it was the day I finished my bad ass landscaping in my front yard that took forever and I made my wife and kid go inside so I could smoke my CAO Black (still my favorite cigar) and drink my Dr. Pepper and just take it in.