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I can help you with flighting your wedges. Been doing it for a long time.

It’s when you crush a drive down the middle and then chunk your approach shot well short of the green.

Then take you wedge and throw it at the nearest tree.

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That is golf my friend lol. I played 2 pretty good rounds in a row, then last week I developed a NASTY slice outta no where. Had a miserable round

Does anyone here have any experience with puring your golf shaft and counterbalancing a shaft?
I spent a little money getting my driver shaft pured when I bought it. Come to find out a year later that it wasn’t pured or not done to my setting.
About 3 years ago I decided to buy all the equipment to do it myself. I’ve seen mixed opinions online.
I feel it works, especially with my woods.
I have a golf simulator at my shop, so I’m able to test what I do. I did a blind test with my friend’s drivers to see if he could feel a difference; he picked the shaft that was pured.

After two poor to mediocre rounds, had a pretty good round today.

Shot an 89 but on a tough unfamiliar course and with a number of missed short puts.

The Three Point Golf Swing System I came up with this week helped my iron play.

Hit six out nine greens in regulation on the front nine.

Swing change made my wedge mishits go from a high short pushes to high strong pulls.

I’ll take that. Just need to fine tune the swing a bit to move up into the low 80’s.

I just watched some videos on fixing a slice.

I just feel like they’re way too complicated and missing what is possibly the easiest and most simple way to fix a slice swing.

Way too much complication such as keeping the toe pointed down during the back swing, bowing the wrist, shallowing the golf club, and a lot of other stuff that might create even more problems in the golf swing.

They’re missing the one magic move IMO.

And if that one move falls apart, all the bowing of the hands or any other trick will not save the shot.

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I can fix anyone’s slice in less than 10 swings

You should share your key so we can see if we can fix everybody’s slice once and for all Animal Chin.

I’ve played 12 rounds so far this year. Best score so far is a 91. My previous best was a 93

A big thing that people do when slicing is they are too ‘open’ when they hit the ball (club head, hips, feet)… some is also from swinging out-to-in.

To correct the first you can stand with a more closed stance. It will feel weird and may be hard at first to follow through but that’s helped me in the past to “correct” my swing.

Video tape your swing too is a really good practice so you can see where your problems lie.

I need to figure out why I’m pulling way left with the driver. The last 3 rounds I haven’t been able to use it cause I developed this nasty pull. Feels bad man

Yes, but do you know “why” it helped correct your swing?

Yes, my hips were too far open when I addressed the ball… closing my stance helped to delay my hips from opening until I was further in my swing stroke.

This may not work for you. I avg 80 on 18 holes so I may not be the best person to give advice other than what works for me.

I could be wrong but I don’t believe that’s the reason.

It just put you in a better position to make the Magic Move.

It’s not in the hips, it’s in the shoulders.

Only issue with golf is how expensive it is to play. Minimum $100 for a green fee at any course worth playing.

Needing more lessons as I’m tired of being 95+ strokes every damn day. At least I’m better than @RosieODonnellsQueef

Help is on the way.

The Magic Move will be explained tomorrow morning.

I’ve golfed at some beautiful up north courses in Michigan and the most I’ve ever spent for 1 round is $50

1st) You’re asking for advice from people who are better than you… if you’re not going to listen, that’s ok but know that it’s only going to effect YOU.

2nd) WTF is “the magic move”? Is that where you constantly slice the ball into the woods?

3rd) Your power comes from the ground up, your hips rotating properly is extremely important. You can dismiss that by talking about your shoulders, but then good luck getting better.

Really no secret. Can’t do it without you standing in front of me hitting balls anyway

I was a teaching pro for close to 20 years. Worked under a golf magazine top 100 teacher. Learned a lot from him. I have several former"students", if you want to call them that, playing on the PGA and korn ferry tours

Lucky you. I have a players card to a decent course and pay $65 per round cart included. But anywhere else is $100-$150 for the nice courses. There’s some shittier courses but I’d rather pay the extra $30 to golf somewhere with a view.

Played here twice last week


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I’m going to disagree.