Let's talk golf

Played my first round yesterday. No Lessons, using my neighbors old clubs so im sure the sizing is fucked. Typically at the driving range I can hit 2 decent 175-200 yard drives out of 10 swings. the other 8 usually slice pretty hard right or i just completely miss or top the ball.

I went with two friends who are okay golfers, and got a random 4th with us who was decent. The three of us played best ball while the 4th kept his own score. The pace of play was pretty good, 2 hours/9 holes.

Anyway, I had fun, definitely want to get more into it. Need a few lessons before I get back on the course. Just to explain how bad I was, I went through 12 balls by the 9th hole lmfao. I did sink some decent long putts though, and did get a pretty sweet chip out of a bunker that landed within a few feet of the hole (complete luck).

I played in a tournament this weekend. We were first out and I shot +7. The next day I was one of the last groups out and shot +13 over due to slow ass mother fuckers lol.


i got worse the more i played. was too lazy and stubborn to fix my swing. i can legit hit the ball 300 yards though

It just messes with your head and you can’t get into a rhythm

I haven’t played at St Clair shores golf club since there was a national Coney island in it about 10 years ago. How is it?

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Considering it’s rained heavy the last 4 weeks in a row now, it was in great shape. I enjoyed it a lot and will definitely be going back

If you do have a day off during the week in the morning, please go play shepherds hollow before 9am. It’s the premier course in the metro area and I want to say it’s only 50 dollars. It is unlike anything you’ll ever play anywhere else. I bet they get close to 100 on the weekend.

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I’m 33 hrs away, with a total of 14 construction zones, and that could delay my trip, lol.