Let's talk golf

Im gonna start checking him out !

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I wouldnt fit in out there. I would be the guy giving my caddy my bag after a tournament


I’ve been given clubs before. I have a really nice circle t putter that my guy was going to break after the round

Lol. Dude, really?

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Is this gtr?

Hahaha. Makes perfect sense

No one hates you man. When you said Patrick Reeds Champion’s dinner was going to be Baconators i almost died.

Still one of the funniest things said on this forum…

Absolutely i would never fit in. I would be the guy giving my caddy all the love just to point out the pompousness of all the other douche bags on Tour

I cant admit to it or i will get banned

who’s gtr?

Your right about that.

I want to go get angry with Tyrrell; I’ll bet Poulter just works him over.

Man, Zalatoris has a horrible putting stroke from inside of 10 feet


Bye-bye Keegan.

Damn, Scotty has three birdies after four holes.

Well this is interesting

What a shot!

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Thank God Scheffler shuffler didnt win

It was a fun round to watch. The course was giving and taking


PGA looks a bit stupid now. Phil called their bluff, obviously.