Let's Talk Morrowind GOTY

I just picked this up and, damn. Where to start? It's a bit overwhelming, even for an RPG. I'm just playing with a junk character to get the feel of the game. I made him a wood elf because of wood, huh huh. I'll make a custom character later when I figure out what I will need.

For starters, what is everyone? I assume Dark Elf will be pretty popular. And what skillset did you come up with and enjoy?

Race doesn't make much of a difference. Nor does your skillset. You can build up anything sky high. Weapons are good. Combination of archery and stealth is good. Magic is a little weak but they do have some ultra usefull spells. Thou enchanting is way better. Also if you want some good source of cash all i can say is soulgem+soultrap. Have fun. Some hate the game. It's probably among the top 2 games i played the longest.

Oh, I will love it. You can bet that.

It's a damn good game, but long as all hell. Which I guess is a good thing.

Plus, there are some really cool mods for it.

Wow, you're in for a looooong ride. I am on the 2nd expansion Bloodmoon and simply quit. I'm way too powerful. I enchanted a Dai-Katana with an 80 hit point strike. All traits except luck are maxed out.

It has become a boring, monotonus pile of crapola. The goal I had before I quit the game for good was to create a mod so that I could have an enchanted item that would summon dozens of Dremoras to ravish that snowy island.

I'm waiting for Elder Scrolls 4 already.

race and birthsign is kinda significant, but you're right it's not a game decider...

a tricky way to get the magicka of a High Elf without the magicka weakness they have is to select a Breton ( 50% Magic Resistance ) then select the birthsign that gives you 1.5x the magicka and removes 50% of your magic resistance. Bingo, you have the magic of an elf without the magic weakness.