Let's Talk Salad

I sometimes enjoy an occasional meal of Cesar Salad, some good bread, and a Vodka Martini which I enjoy here at LUXURY HQ. Those salty anchovies, olives and that Vodka martini are really a great combo.

ever had a memorable salad? I never much order a salad at a restaurant but I’m sure there are some where the salad is a contender for ordering options???

Seems you toss more than you eat…

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I try to eat a leafy greens salad at least once a day.

Kalamata olives and thin sliced red onions are a must.

But fuck cheese. Cheese does not belong on a salad.

enjoyed a marvelously fancy salad this evening…bed of leafy greens topped with slice pear, walnuts, pickled beets, and UPSCALE ROQUEFORT CHEESE!

Are you saying you ask for no cheese on a Cobb Salad?

I also often eat a Thai-inspired salad where I make a tasty peanuts sauce. I usually top the greens and veggies with the peanuts dressing, then add some scramble fried eggs, fried shallot and fried garlic, plus some cashews or peanuts

I don’t order cobb salads often, but if it’s the only salad option on the menu and I have a hankerin for a salad: