Let's talk SeekingArrangement

Who else here has used it? Been off of the site for years, had great success with it for a while…

I am hearing there are now a lot of scams there including extortion of businessmen…true?

Who is using it and what is your advice?

What do you mean by success? You paid a bunch of college girls’ bills?


Pretty sure there was a massive thread on this.

Edit: I think this was it

No, I paid them to leave. Most of them fell in love, which is why I had to leave the site.

So were they just straight up hookers or were you paying their bills and buying them shit?

It started with me paying “per meet”. But I quickly noticed some of them were no longer asking for money, they just wanted to hang around. One chick her bf found out and kicked her ass out, she wanted to move in. I usually paid $200/per meet and later found out guys were paying over $500/meet with these same girls. Many girls on that site are sick of dating losers, so for them this is the ultimate screening tool.

As an fyi, due to my business standing in the community I had to dip before one or more of them came into my business and made a scene. That and the rampant rumors of extortion…

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What a weird troll. My cousin used to justify himself being a John in the same way. Made no sense to me. He would make excuses of broads giving it up for free because they liked his dick or the way he treated them etc etc but it was all bullshit justification and lies.

I would pay with my time but not cash as there was always downtime that I didn’t mind spending with a woman.

My day was a legit pimp and told me to never pay for sex as a transaction. I could pay to entice her and eventually break her with game but spending cash on ass was the big no no if you’re in that line of work or even just in general, until she’s proven she’s got your back and is worth spending money on.


spoken like a true American male. The problem is, you’ll pay that same girl double in dates while I pay half and spend a fraction of the time on her. See that smoking hot girl at the bar? I can almost guaran-damn-tee you if she’s an 8-9 or 10, she’s on SA. I pay them so I don’t have to commit to them, you pay them because your ego needs validation and you get that pretending you’ll have a future with her. I get the lease cheaper and at a better deal, you get it with more bows and ribbons but my lease makes way more sense than your lease. AND I get to keep my time and sanity, two things you won’t be getting back dating one of these girls.


hahaha seeking arrangements and great success is the biggest oxymoron I’ve heard in a while in the OG.

even fart curtains isn’t this sad.


Yeah but your “lease” comes with other men’s semen mine doesn’t lol

how does that peepee taste ?


extortion you say…completely inevitable. shitty people doing shitty things to other shitty people. there are no victims in that scenario. its all fair at that point

You guys need to stop shitting on OP, not everyone wants to date and marry a chick.
For the purposes of just fucking, his method works.
They are whores, but with less mileage.
The whores rotate a bunch of guys, the guys rotate a bunch of whores.
For $200 nobody accuses anyone of cheating, no arguments, no listening to her endless stories, no remembering her birthday, no meeting her annoying family.




Couldn’t you just meet them at a hotel and not tell them about your business?


If they wanted to stalk you, they’d stalk you. You may not be aware of it, but women are crafty!

haha! They sure are! Good thing they’re so dumb :wink:

I seriously thought about doing this after my divorce a few years back after reading that massive thread about it on the OG. In the end, I didn’t. I was too worried about scammers or potentially getting arrested in a sting type situation. It seems more like escorts than anything else. I went on regular dating apps instead. No judgement though; I can totally see why guys do this to bang hot chicks with much less effort and wasted time. If you have the disposable income and are comfortable with the inherent risks, have at it snd enjoy.

You didn’t read my post at all did you? At the end I said spending cash on a woman is a big no no. Until she’s proven she has my back and is worth it.

Even then we use the dollar model. Spend 25¢ for every 75¢ she spends on you.

You’re speaking like a true chump and John, but if that’s how you want to spend your money, by all means necessary, go spend it. A fool and his money…

Seems like a terrible idea and a good way to get extorted. Especially married dudes doing that shit. This seems a little more personal than hookers.