Let's talk SeekingArrangement

2 marriages, countless girlfriends…

And i have still never gotten free pussy.



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LOL at some of these Twats charging up to 1100 for 1 hr of their Haginas

Was on there a few years ago, best time of my life. Total reversal of the power dynamic, hot chicks begging you for dates.


This guy gets it. It’s funny, I can usually get whatever woman I want married or not- but who wants to get Me Too’d? With this I have proof there was an arrangement and they are not as likely to run to social media to “put me on blast” or extort me. It’s insurance, really. We always laugh at the American guys overseas who say “they don’t have to pay for it”. Yeah, not up front, son, but pay you will. It’s all in how you structure the deal. bunch of fool ass kids on this site now.

It’s a pretty solid deal if you’re just looking to bang hot, young chicks with minimal stress. It’s actually a lot cheaper than dating too. I recently broke up with my chick and went out with this new girl, mid-30’s (first red flag). It was ok…but she’s clearly bitter and treats wait staff like shit…which is a deal-breaker for me…and…after two dates, I walk her home (she lives a few blocks from me) we make out in front of her building and that’s it. I quit texting her. Now…this is after probably $500 or so in drinks and food over the two dates…which is no big deal…half of that was mine…but…would I have rather have had some 20 year old come over to my house and bang me like her life depended on it? …hell yeah… I just started checking on there again but haven’t re-upped my account yet.

And to the guy saying they’re banging someone else…lol … you’ve clearly never fucked a hot young chick. If you did…you were tasting the exact same thing, Naive idiot.

I don’t have to worry about extortion because I work for myself and don’t give a shit. And if some chick told everyone I knew that I paid a hot 20 year old to fuck me for 200 bucks I’d get high fives all around the table,

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Yep, she was using you for what the girls call " a foodie call" which is where they get free dinner and drinks while feigning interest. This is normal for women now, they have zero ethics or respect. So now we give them very little. An arrangement is for smart men who value their time and freedom.

Oh really? what if she me too’s your ass? then what?

No…she was interested…I stopped responding to her texts because I didn’t like the way she treated our female waitresses.

Me too? I make good money…but that shit only works against guys who are famous. Nobody would give a shit…that’s what. You sound like an idiot virgin. Just leave this thread because you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

I had a friend who managed to eat dinner free for a whole month, but it took an excel spreadsheet to keep the guys straight. She juggled nine of them, but didn’t sleep with any of them.

Yep, that’s why we meet for a drink. I can tell in the first two minutes if we are fcking that night. If not, I dip. Never start a tab, pay cash. Mom calls, phone rings, out the door “lemme grab this real quick” Then head straight to the car and dip. Never meet for dinner, ever. But, if you are good at qualifying them first, you can weed out the single mother of two who are looking for a free dinner. If a ho wants dinner, she can make her own goddamn bologne sandwich.


You are wrong. If you are a business leader, attorney, or have money you will be targeted. You must protect yourself. But fuck quality content, let’s all keep up with the hate fest and cut down contests this site has become.

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I’d rather fap, and venmo myself $200 tbh


you have your mom bail you outta dates?

You sound poor as fuck. It’s literally not a drop in the bucket. Plus I get to go out and eat too…it’s plenty enjoyable…it’s just not 20 yr old licking your ass fun.

u of t has an enrollment of 50 000. so 1000 sugar babies means 4% not 30%.

Is this a troll post or something? Or do you really talk like this about yourself? I’ve found in my 40 years that in every case, people that talk this way, ain’t shit. They think they are, but that’s about it. If this is one of those ironic posts then nvm, I couldn’t get the sarcasm.

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this is how my old roommate that was a complete jerk off talked about himself. He always had these chicks lined up and how cool he was… he was just meeting chicks off the internet. He fuckin left his wife when she gave birth to his kid, he was a fuckin scumbag. He didn’t pay rent, one rent day I asked him on the first, so uh do you have rent? nope… he eventually paid me back, in these credit cards that I’m pretty sure the girl he started dating (the dumb girl who fell for his bullshit, you fling shit out everywhere, eventually it sticks to someone) she was actually a cute Asian girl, but the guy was scummy and talked like you do… I’m pretty sure you don’t have many guy friends in your real life if you talk like this… that’s why you gotta have your mom bail you out of dates… lol wtf.


Is this a Karasu alt?

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