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The words “husky fat” have NOT been used


I haven’t been on dating apps in about 6 years but I stopped buying meals or tickets or really anything other than a stiff drink at the bar around the corner from my apartment long before that. That was after my “date” showed up drunk and full from her previous date and explained that she has meals bought for her almost every night of the week by thirsty dudes from dating apps. One chick came over and blew me then left for a dinner date. Around 10 that same night I got a call and she was out front. For all I knew she had just blown the other guy. i let her in anyway and gave her a quick stabbing before kicking her ass out. I had dealt with shady women for all of my dating life, but I always thought they were the exception not the rule. Boy was I wrong

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ROFL this guy sounds how I imagine the average OGer would sound just hating on all womenz.

Is it possible to reverse extort them? I’ll tell yo momma your whorin! Your boyfriend! I’ll make your life a livin hell haaahahaha!!! And then smash dat pussy for free?

Anyone try this!?

unlike the average OGer women don’t live with their moms and if they do they give 0 fucks about their opinion on theor daughters getting ATM on the daily.

Interesting but I think it’s silly to expect to meet “quality” women on dating apps. If you do, and that’s what you’re looking for, awesome. Otherwise, dating apps are for banging chicks and it’s pretty easy to do.

Why not their fathers?

We have some GREAT minds on the OG and I believe we could figure out how to Flip the Script and leave these ho’s Hurtin! Anyone got any ideas? I do like the reminder to threaten to tell their dad.

You could threaten to report them to the irs like what happened to he onlyfans chicks.

it’s stories like these that make me not feel so bad for fucking 9 girls in a month and never paying for 1 date or dinner

some did get a round 2 out of it but all were eventually ghosted

someone has to stick up for the guys buying these ho’s dinner

I appreciate knowin for all us mutants out here paying money to buy a girl dinner theres a good looking guy with social skills wreckin them for free! Thanks for lookin out for us my mans.

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What was this dingus’ previous screen name?

I say “dingus” in only the best sense of the term, of course.

Why should you feel bad? Last time I checked, girls like sex too. They like it quite a lot, enough so that it should be its own reward and doesn’t need to be exchanged as a barter item for food.

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I always viewed hot young chicks as status symbols. You go out to dinner or an event to be seen with arm candy to impress your colleagues and buddies. That used to be the point.

But now I think that they are more of an annoyance.
Anyone else have the same mentality?

You cant think of another reason a man would be interested in a hot young chick or have another use for them? Do you drink wine coolers and own a tiny dog or somethin?

After so many times, you’ll find that the time and risks just for sex aint worth it. The prettiest usually arent the best performers.

Dont worry, kid…You still got a long ways to go before you reach that point.

Well said. It is best to go with low expectations, some molly and half a sildenafil.

There was a thread from Bravo PUA before my time, got deleted but I’m sure you can find some gold in here: Bravo1's POF thread??? - #18 by BravoPUA

that should up your chances if you are willing to put up volume.

If you put in enough effort you should eventually find someone nice and only half crazy. Even in that karen’s video up there not every woman was batshit crazy, now if the guy could not close that’s entirely on him …

ITS sad what a man will convince himself of cause he can only get swamp donkeys! Yeah a fit 20 yr old is just horrid in bed, that 38 yr old twiced divorced mother of 3 couch potato she got some moves right! Sad!

You live with your own limitations and self defeating beliefs!

Hey man…

Great profile pic