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someone bump the BRAVO1 thread… stat!

Interesting way to say “I only fuck ugly chicks”


LOL, but it’s often true. The best lays I’ve had weren’t ugly, but they were not the hottest I’ve banged.

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So it’s been 3 weeks for me, from having a fit woman in her 20s, but an above average looking athletic woman around 23-26 is all around prime.

It sounds like some of y’all need experience outside of pornhub and OnlyFans.

Please try to get some real world experience, and please try without getting your creepy, dweeb asses arrested.


One of my tenants, owns a nice business and is married with kids.
Had someone anonymously email his pic on a profile on one of these sites to his wife. He says it was someone fucking with him and his life and he swears he wasn’t on it.

That’s the right answer, it’s the only answer!

Young women are a double edged sword. They don’t have wisdom and they don’t have as much baggage, hopefully.

If you want kids, you realistically have to aim for the 20’s and be flexible. Western society has made marriage easily the highest stakes business deal of a man’s entire life. You just can’t go into it blind and realistically expect a lifetime positive result.

Ascertaining someone’s character and values is hard enough and takes at least 1,000 hrs or so when you’re not emotionally compromised. Now you’re supposed to do it virtually with a person who’s going to constantly emotionally influence you. That takes time, time a woman in her 30’s biology is not going to accommodate for.

Guys will run the credit and criminal history of someone renting their home or their roommates, but
won’t do it for the woman who is getting their dick wet and potentially raising their kids alone.

This is coming from a guy who still has more older women on my notch count than younger.

Here was my OG Soda Can from the thread over a decade plus ago. lol

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I know a guy, who I trust 100%, and someone did something similar to him back before Ashley Madison was blown out as being a scam site. Made a profile with pics of his that are all from social media, screen shotted it and sent it to his wife. She ended up believing him but not before he had to give her access to EVERYTHING to prove his innocence. He’s a nice dude too…I wonder who he pissed off. Dick move though.

This whole thread is depressing, people using people and that’s supposed to be fulfilling somehow?
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Is your name Jeremy DeWitt by any chance? I wonder if anybody here even knows who I’m even talking about.

I’ve banged a lot of gals, and will continue to do so. “Voluntary sex” (ha ha at giving it a name) and ego validation DO matter - even if few of these gals are hotties. Not uglies ha ha, but no, not something to brag about either.

But, I live near a college campus. It’s just insane how hotter most young college women are compared to more mature ones. Even my teen soons wonder what happens to these gals after 21 as the dropoff in hotness is staggering.

I’d gladly play sugar daddy. As there is still some ego validation going on if you don’t straight up pay-for-play every time like an escort, play mentor, and basically have a “rent a hot young part time GF” kind of deal.

Point is, I’ve never done it, but REALLY see what are the benefits, what’s so attractive about it. Escorts just bang too many guys daily to be safe. And if I dated an actual 20 yo hottie - and I have hooked up with some - it’d be short lived anyway just because of her friends, family, etc. So why not?

S.A. chicks are whores.

They might not bang as many guys as a legit prostitute but they have a serious rotation going.

My ego validation ends when I taste another man’s peepee. Also that crap you smelled when you kissed her is not bad breath it’s man anus from tossin salad.

To each their own but we cannot sugar coat prostitution.

Ha ha, I get you. But while we can sure call it prostitution, as it is 100%, it’s like drug use, there are levels to this. A gal smoking a joint on the weekend and a crackhead are two different degrees.

Most SA will have 2-3 dudes, but not that much more. Plus a BF and all. But when are these gals virginal? Ha ha. If we talk GF material, hell yeah having a gal seeing other guys is a no go. But for SA, it’s still better a true college gal in SA deal than escorts and street prostitutes, generally.

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You must not have had any validation for years now!

It’s fact that these girls on SA have a rotation going. You’re likely playing in another man’s drippings.
My friend is a photographer who does fitness and sleazy photo shoots. Attracts all types of these whores who ask for discounts and free shoots. Sometimes he gets BJs for shoots. These girls trust him and tell him all sorts of things like how many sugar daddies they have on rotation. They make $1000s a month easy without any job at all.