Lets talk Ubereem vs Bigfoot fight ...

Bigfoot's keys to victory :

controlled aggression , not letting Overeem settle and have his time to set up his attacks , Overeem not great other than danger of a knee when pressured . Not taking too much punishment in the first minutes of the fight would be good . If possible trying to press Overeem against the cage and look for takedown , not sure if a good strategy to try it early when Overeem is still 100 % fresh . Bodyshots when Overeem is in turtle shell defense mode .


I've always said this would be overeems toughest matchup, but I think Overeem will be too fast in the standup exchanges.

Bigfoot's key to victory?  Wait 4 minutes and Overeem gasses out badly. 

At least Bigfoot won't buttflop all fight.

Should be an excellent fight.