Letter to pastor mark

I am putting atleast one blog post everyday now. Yesterday I posted a letter to mark Driscoll in response to his calling out for stories about anatomically male effeminate worship leaders. Many of you will enjoy it while hating me for it at the same time

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enjoy your blog rev. keep it up.

Rick warren tweeted my blog but later deleted it 4,300 hits today ahahahaha Phone Post

Good post, Rev. I did take issue with something on your profile though: Bull fighting is beautiful but soccer sucks? But then you redeemed yourself with the "Quite frankly, I am a badass" quote, so all is forgiven.

I am beginning to rethink my position on both of those things


About soccer sucking or you being a bad ass?

No offense, but why would Mark Driscoll care about what some nobody on the internet has to say?  He has alot more well know ditractors than yourself. 

I've been watching Driscoll's sermons online or a few years now and read a few of his books. Which have helped me in my growth. I'll admit he crosses the line, but I still try to look past that and focus on his message about Jesus. Anyways, after reading your blog, I wanted to read what he posted on his FB but apparently he removed it. It seems he stirred up some shit by whatever it was he said. A lot of other bloggers have responded to it as well. I remember awhile back John MacArthur asked Piper to put Driscoll in check for his sermon on Husbands (the how dare you rant) I figured Driscoll would chill out with his antics. But, whatever it was he said this time, apparently not. It's too bad because he does have a great way of communicating Scripture (at least for me and also my wife, who is a newer Christian). I'll still continue to watch and learn from him.

I didn't see the post, not on FB. Don't really care what he said.

One thing, amongst many, that I love about Driscoll is that he confess and repents when he is wrong. Does it loudly and publicly.

He kinda repented but kinda didn't. He said he crossed the line but then explained how he was basically right just said it in an ill conceived way.

As to why would he care? I said I didn't think he would. I am not called to success but faithfulness.

Please read my follow up today I think the two posts together make a good whole thought

Rev Phone Post

Why did you think you need to get into a theological dick measuring contest with Driscoll?

 And why all the backhanded inferences to "kicking his ass"?  The "I could beat you up if I wanted to, but I'm like Jesus so I won't"?  That behvior in itself seems just as unChristlike as what you are accusing Driscoll of.  

It seems that most everyone sees what I was doing. Like Paul did in second Corinthians I was being outrageously sill in boasting about something stupid. I was using what was clearly a tongue in cheek parody of Driscolls persona to get my point across and capped it off with some hyperbole.

Sorry you didn't catch that I hope you read the blog I posted today which adds some balance

Rev Phone Post

Good blog today Rev! Shame some people got all serious and didn't 'get it', even though you pretty much spelled it out in one of your responses to said blog entry. Phone Post

ah what can you do. Like I told someone today, I didn't expect to change Mark Driscoll, but he hurt people I care about, and by speaking up, I in some way let them know they are not alone, and they are loved.


 Did my thread on Driscoll stir you up ? He really irritates me too. Most of us who are fighters or even soldiers who have fought for their lives know what 'manning up' means. Especially combat soldiers. This guy isnt even close to getting it

Driscoll has some good teaching, but sometimes he does come across a bit hardcore.

 Don't really agree with all (if any) of this, but it is another perspective.

Yes, but then he got in Peter's face publicly as well as the soldiers, and others in many of his epistles. This guy is being sympathetic because he doesn't like the messiness of the church. In Timothy it says rebuke an elder publicly, especially when he is being a dick publicly.

And Dan, dont need you to rile me up about this guy :) but I think my second post is as if not more important


CJJScout -  Don't really agree with all (if any) of this, but it is another perspective.

 This article is just another talking point christians use when they cant stand conflict. Driscoll is just beating his own drum over and over again and his gimmick like in pro wrestling is the MMA version of Jesus. Sounds like my mother in law when family squabbles happen. Qoutes a bible verse and said jesus love those who persecuted them and said nothing ill of them. No wonder christians are ineffective or relevant to society most of the time. Ah this guy really gets me crazy.

Rev, I think you second post was unnecessary. The onus should be on that person. Christians are always introspective. I should be able to call the russian empire evil without having been a part of it. You kind of mooted your point by doing that. I know all the responses you might have but calling a spade a spade is OK even if you've never played poker.