Level I Combatives Video

You might enjoy this:


It is a video my Viper O/C team created a few months back based on the script for the first day of Level I. I think you combatives guys will recognize the speech as it is word for word!

I finaly got around to converting it for youtube.

Matt and everyone, let me know what you think, if you like it, I can make it available to the military members out there as an .AVI file once I find a place to put it that is secure and I can limit access for downloads to the right people.

Rafie, this is the DVD I have been procrastinating on sending you.

I will be uploading a few more videos I have, but this is the main one and we use it for our level I here at JMRC.

Awesome job Maj L. Your guys that put that together hit the nail right on the head. I think all instructors need to have a copy of that to watch often.

Thanks for sharing that with us.


I love it with two exceptions:

first, the excerpts from the fight science don't seem to fit, not a very big deel in an otherwise wonderful video.

second and far more important,

Written by Matt Larsen and

Directed by Maj Leavitt

Hooah roger that Matt, I will make sure we give you credit and update that info. Did not mean to overlook that detail!

Yes, the script was taken directly from the POI, which Matt wrote, so it is his script.

This was simply something that my Viper guys did on the their own. They just showed up one day and said check this out!

I think it is great! Soldiers never cease to amaze me.


That is a great video, Sir. Keep up the good work in Europe!


Level 1 just got another coffee break for the instructor. Here you watch this video while i get some coffee.


Finally i see te video Nice sir