Level of competition drops when weight goes up?


I've always felt that that there is a much deeper talent pool at lower weights versus the higher weights just because of the amount of people who actually weigh that much. Obviously having a weight advantage comes into play, but by fight time, the other guy can maybe have... I don't know, 15 pounds on you (assuming you weighed in at the same weight)?

For example, in BJJ tournaments it's been my experience you can win first place in a higher weight class with half as many fights as 2 weight classes below you. Thus you have to be that much better than others at your level to win the lower weight class than the higher weight class.

Also, if that is the case, why would someone voluntarily put so much effort into dropping weight, knowing the level of competition at a higher weight class is probably lower?

Or let's put it this way,Is it easier to make TO the UFC as a light heavyweight than as a lightweight?

Unless you drop weight and get into the lightest weight classes such bantamweight and flyweight for MMA where the talent isn't as deep as it is in the lightweights. There is also less people that weigh 125-145 than there is that weigh 155-175. That works the same way on the lower end of the weight scale as it does in the higher end.

I'm Dyxeslic - Or let's put it this way,Is it easier to make TO the UFC as a light heavyweight than as a lightweight?

Light HW is a hard division, but lightweight is the toughest. Easiest would be flyweight, bantamweight and super HW.

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you will find equal levels of talent at every weight

marcelo garica - roger gracie

jose aldo - fedor

Not really tho. Maybe among the top guys but top to bottom no. UFC lightweight roster is stacked from top to bottom. If you look at UFC bantamweights, it's basically Cruz, Faber, Torres, Bowles, Jorgensen and a buncha unknown guys.

it's a bell curve. 5'8-6'0 is about average amongst mma active countries and most lightweights and welterweights fall into this category. heavier guys need the right genetics to maintain 200+ lbs. while still being athletically potent and lighter guys just aren't as common. bigger pool=deeper deep end.

LW is by far the deepest division at the moment. That's why the UFC has more than 70 LW under contract--about 2x more than the LHW division and 3x more than the HW division.

Sure, the WEC merger contributed, but the UFC will cut losing and "boring" fighters across all divisions to reduce the roster. At the end of the day, there will still be far more LWs than any other division.

LHW is the name brand division in the UFC and has been for several years, but LW is much deeper.