LeVerne Clarke my new neighbor

been chillin w LeVerne Clarke he moved around the corner from me hes got an aprtment under the boxing gym Hes a funny and cool guy and good runner too He may be fighting Drew Ficket at Foxwoods Feb 20 or is it Pickett the guy who beat Hallman Anyone know anything on him ttt for Verne

Foxwoods is a casino in Connecticutt Not sure about the rest of the card

Whos he training with for the ground now?

Verne does secret workouts but has a good ground guy to work with

you don't have any cats, do you daren?

Very Cool!

I dont want to give away Vernes secret gym but its close to my crib.NO cats have 1 dog my other dog whos name was Royce died last week Great dog Miss him

How did your dog die?

he had a heart desease that made it hard for him to breathe He was tuff and fought it as long as he could

sounds good by that description .Glad I just saw Verne he said he was going for a 5 mile run

Sorry to hear about Royce D.

I did put him to sleep I wanted to give him every chance to beat it but it was too painful so the doctor advised putting him to sleep and i respected his opinion and felt the same but wanted to hear it from him and did

thanks Paul

Clarke would make the 3rd opponent for Fickett:

Welterweight Drew Fickett vs. Eiji Mitsouka

167lbs. Drew Fickett 14-2-0 of Arizona Combat Sports in Tempe, AZ vs. 169lbs. Ricardo HELLRAISER Tiexiera 5-1-0 of Freestyle Fighting Academy in Miami, FL.

I guess there are still 10 days to finalize the card.

Did you smoke down with him yet?

the lil guy was 105 before he got sick and skinny The dog could give or take the weed I didnt blow smoke in his face Well maybe 1 or 2 times a year

"been chillin w LeVerne Clarke he moved around the corner from me"

Maybe YOU can get him to go to Matt Serra's and pick up some SUBMISSION skills. I think Verne is allergic to learning jiu jitsu! ;) lol

hes doing his own thing hes got a few guys to roll and spar with.I do see him on the road running from time to time

BS or not,I'd like to see Laverne Clark back in action,he had some of the best hands in MMA. If he worked on his ground game he'd be a force to be dealt with.

Im in Huntington,Chunga I would have no reason to BS .Monte Cox can confirm he is in Long Island