Levi's sale - 30% off + free shipping



Use code FF2013 when buying at Levis.com


I think this is the last day.

fucking A man, thanks a lot!!! I love the old school shrink to fit, but paying over 40 is not for me. Came out to $33.60 shipped.

I bought 2 - 550s for $56 shipped

Nice. 4 later Phone Post

4 later!  Thanks!

levis suck now.

no more silver tabs and they totally changed the fit of the 569 without changing the number.

they are also paper thin and rip wicked easy.


Thanks! Just ordered two pairs of jeans. On a whim, I tried the code at the Dockers site, and it works there too! I ordered 3 Khakis, on sale at 42 bucks a pop, applied the code and it came to 88.20! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks Phone Post

In Phone Post 3.0