Lewis vs Gane for interim title Aug 7

Oh what the shit?

I kinda think it does call it into dispute actually by definition.


They’re not going to risk Lewis beating Francis lol. Kind of sleazy. They know Gane will point fight Lewis to an easy decision. Just a terrible fight.

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There was a time when they’d call this a #1 contender match.

Interim titles are garbage.


Another title shit show… great


How long in Jones’ “voluntary suspension” this time?

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I hate interim title fights when the champ is able to fight and it hasn’t been that long since he’s fought. That said id love for lewis to sleep gane and get him a belt interim or not.

I don’t get it

They needed a headliner for that event, this is a way to have that. Winner fights Francis this winter.


Francis isnt happy about the interim title fight. He’s saying that he didn’t get one when stipe was hurt

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Ah that makes sense

This is horse shit…they never created one when Stipe was sitting idly for over a year. now just 3 months after Francis wins it they want to pull this shit. Stupid

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Dumb fight, dumb interim title, not interested.

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To be fair I’m not interested in any gane fight. Talk about boring



So when is the Bantamweight interim fight?


takes deep breath ok, I should be accustomed to the stupid, random, meaningless, fucking bullshit, nonsensical interim-championships popping up…but I’m not. This is a great fight, it’s a pointless belt.

I’ve said this so many times with Derrick Lewis but he has shown that it is more of a probability than a possibility…He only needs to land one punch to end it all. On the ground, on the feet, it doesn’t matter. I think he catches Gane.