Lewis vs jds

Geez, didn't even know they were fighting. I think JDS fights smart and gets it done. Hopefully he can avoid the big kabosh.

JDS should win this pretty easily imo. 

JDS behind a solid jab

Ill be cheering for the Beast.  Would be fun.  Buuuut, gonna be a tall order.  He could get boxed up pretty bad. 

I think JDS makes this look like his win over Carwin.  His standup is still probably the best in the division when he gets going and he doesn't have to worry about the beast taking him down.

Love Lewis but JDS is all technique. 

Dont like saying it but I feel Lewis' best chance is a bottom of the 9th grand slam ala Volkov 

Unfortunately I think JDS wins fairly easily.

Lewis always has a chance, but I think he takes a worse beating than he did in the Hunt fighr