Lex Luger career retrospective

What are your guys' thoughts on Luger as a whole?

He's one I feel got a huge push right off the bat when he wasn't ready for it, but ultimately adjusted and became a decent worker. He was never going to be a technical genius, but told a decent story, cut a decent promo in general (admittedly, he had some stinkers in his career), had the look and people generally bought into him.

Always thought The Narcissist gimmick could have lasted longer... Nwo ruined him Phone Post

He was one of the smart wrestlers who never was a fan, therefore, never cared about the business. For better or worse.

Every morning he ate a bowl of steroids and other gimmicks. Phone Post 3.0

I liked Luger, even if his ring work was less than stellar at times. 

His run from late 96 to late 97 was really good. The fucker was just sooooo fucking over. The crowd literally (tm Gorilla Monsoon) had kittens at World War 3 1996 when he took on the NWO at the end of the three ring battle royal (particularly when he racked The Giant).

His two Nitro victories over Hogan were pretty awesome too. I'm still shocked that the Hulkster put him over clean three times in about a 4 month span.

I enjoyed his heel runs in 1989 and in 1991/92 as well.

I liked him when he had Harley Race as his mouthpiece in the early 90s but was super bland as a face and the All American gimmick was the shits Phone Post 3.0

His finisher the "Torture Rack" is probably my all-time favorite move.

Phone Post 3.0

Enamoratu has caught the correct.

Lugar in the early 90s when he had the shocking turn on Steamboat, to being managed by Race, and switching to the Piledriver as his finisher was the perfect heel. His ring work was great, just look at the Starcade "Night of The Iron Men"

And entire PPV card carried by 4 people:P Lugar, Muta, Flair and Sting. Each had to fight the other once. My personal favorite in ring story telling card ever.

As his slam of Yokozuna proved, he's an American hero

All aboard the Lex Express!! Phone Post

The original Batista. Phone Post

Well I thought he had a decent career. Got pushed for his looks which was the thing to do in the 80s and 90s. Had a few entertaining runs. Was never a solid worker or talker but I can't lie and say I wasn't a fan of his back then.

ArtMinaj - 

The original Batista. Phone Post

What a crummy thing to say, Art.


I thought his narcissist chacrater was a good heel.

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ArtMinaj - 

The original Batista. Phone Post

What a crummy thing to say, Art.

I tried to take it back, but it was too late,

Can someone explain the hate this guy gets? I know he wasn't great in the ring, but he was a top guy for years. I know I was young at the time but as some others mentioned, he had some pretty good matches. Sting, Wyndham, Flair, some others. I thought his feud with Mr. Perfect had a lot of potential, but I don't think they ran with it.

He was definitely a lot better as a heel than as a face. Phone Post 3.0

When I was a kid and I didn't understand ring or mic work, Luger was my favorite WCW wrestler clear up through the red and black era. He wasn't over enough to stay as stagnant as he did. A little bit of a gimmick change might have gone a long way. Phone Post

I always liked Luger. His career was solid especially in the mid to late 90s.....he was okay in the wwf when he first came around. but like DevilsAdvocate mentioned that he was a kid and didnt understand Mic work and ring work....I also was in the same spot, when I watch him now, I dont care for the matches like i did then

Best match Luger ever had was with Brody in the cage Phone Post 3.0

I don't hate him.  It is hard to not make fun of certain people.



Matt Hardy

Tim Sylvia....

just the way it is. 

Never cared for him. Drugs ruined him. He killed Miss Elizabeth IMO. He is a shell of his former self and now preaches about his mistakes. He got what was coming. Phone Post 3.0