LHW amature needed 9-22new orleans

Sorry Heavy not Light Heavy I am in need of a HW amature between 205 and 230 to fight a green amature 9-22-06 in New Orleans Louisiana list contact info if intrested


need a green heavy for our seprember show

Also looking for a woman 125# range any record Pro fo this show

"Also looking for a woman 125# range"

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no one interested in NO

ill ref the fights

I think Agent2600 is refing but i will let him know you would do it. So How was the baton rouge show. What happend, JC why didnt you fight, also check out this link, a guy looking for fights at 145#




im a better ref.

Evil by KO

what's the card for this show?

I might know of somebody... are you paying travel and hotel?

UGC Middleweight Championship
Tim Credeur VS Josh Lawrence

UGC Lightweight Championship
Aaron Williams VS Jeremy Stevens

-- Scottie Ayers VS James Johnson
-- Steve Bruno VS Bryan Green
-- Adam Peeples VS Todd Lietermann
-- John LeBlanc VS Bryan Cohen
-- Mike Perez VS Stephen Jaskulski
-- Liam McCarthy VS Sean Salle

-- Ray Totorico VS Ryan Bixler


-- Josh Woodruff VS James Orso

-- Hank Hughes VS Cody Senseney

-- Chad Kuchler VS Richard Bui
-- Karl Beatte VS T.B.A. -
-- Tyler Verdin VS Jacob Stevens
-- Steven Becnel VS Jimmy Mills
-- James Hinson VS John Floyd

This is wraping up to be a pretty good show we just signed with the pitbull Andre Arlovski to be guest,

Scottie Ayers VS James Johnson should be an exciting/ Different kind of war both of these guys have pro- boxing records with a total of over 30 pro bouts and 50 amature bouts now crossing into the world of MMA this should be a war