LHW Title, What The Fuck Is Happening

It’s been 5-6 months since Hill won

And still he doesn’t have a fight booked

What gives?


Just checked and it was 21st of January he beat Glover, crazy, doesn’t feel like that long ago, should have a fight booked by now, I agree.


I would have been ok with it if they gave it to Pereira .

But Jan B is booked against Pereira

When can Jiří come back?

Rakic is coming off a loss to Jan

Ankelaev coming off a draw against Jan

Glover retired

Krylov, nahhh

Jonny Walker is on a 3 fight win streak

Anthony Smith has loss 2 in a row

Ozedemir is 1-3 in last 4

Ryan Span lost his last fight to Krylov

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Yeah, LHW isn’t looking great, see what happens now with Jan vs Pereira, that’s the next title eliminator isn’t it, that means Hill sits for how long before defending , a year?

Ank should be fighting for the belt while Jan and Pereira fight for the next shot.


Why does Ank get the shot?
Dana doesn’t want Ank stinking up the division

Especially when my Boi Paul Craig has beaten Ank and the current LHW champ Hill

Surly they should run back Jan/Ank

This is why I was surprised when they made Poitan/Jan

I don’t know , I just can’t come up with anything else

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Just do Walker
It would be a banger

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Hill already sparked him out

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Got it
Forgot about that

Would still like to see that rematch someday down the line

Yeah, it’s good to see Walker doing well, he’s always exciting to watch , kill or be killed.

He did take the foot of the gas against Smith, showed him some respect in the end I think.

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Johnny is so entertaining win or lose

Crazy expressions even when unconscious

Yup run it back, gaurenteed fun, unlike snoozefest of Jan/Ank

Ank is amazing, just so calculated. Very happy to win on rounds.

I always prefer the finishers, especially at LHW and HW

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200w (9)
200w (8)



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