Liam Neeson in "Taken"

(POSSIBLE SPOILERS but not really)

What if Frank Castle's family was never killed and his daughter grew up to be 17 and got kidnapped in Paris? HOly shit, some heads are gonna roll for this.

This is one of the baddest dudes in cinema history right here. You got Conan, Rambo, Punisher, and this guy.  He kills with absolutely no remorse, and no mercy. He almost does it because he promised the dude this is exactly what would happen. Kind of like the guy in NO Country for Old Men.

He brings these dudes a world of shit, brutally killing his way to the truth ala Marv.

Sometimes Liam Neeson askes pretty hard.

I'd hate to be this chick's boyfriend.  



Yeah, this movie looks damn good. So he ranks up their with John Creasy, Bourne, etc.?

Liam Neeson belongs on the pantheon of badass old guys such as Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, and Albus Dumbledore.

i saw it last year,facking excellent...very violent.liam was impressive.

It's actually online...sum1 had the DVD screener last's interesting...the budget is cheapo...but Liam in KING. He's a goddamn professional. I wish they remake it with more $$$ and more of an cast...I don't even recall the villianS.

 Don't need to recall the villains. Liam doesn't care who they are either. Just people to punish.

This movie makes me wish Liam had played Bond.


part 1

part 2

He's Jason Bourne's Dad, brilliant movie.

The funny thing is that this is the type of movie that Jason Statham normally does. Liam makes it infinitely better by his presence alone.

It seems he did this movie just so he could.

 With this and Rob Roy, Liam is one of the most under-rated badasses in film.

I don't know where you guys are getting this. The movie was just not impressive to me. All of the dialog before the capture was pretty much cut-and-pasted from other movies. Are we suppose to believe this scrawny bunch of guys in the beginning are ex-Special-Forces bad asses? They look like they hang out at Star Bucks and live in San Fransisco. Liam Nielson doesn't call the Paris police after his daughter is kidnapped? Right because they're just French and hes a total fucking bad ass with elite, Special Forces skills...please, I'd expect that lack of realism in Rambo but not in a European action movie meant to have the same styling as a Ronin or Bourne Identity. This movie was a shittier, more European version of Get Carter.

we're getting it from the fountain of truth and righteousness.

I thought it was good action, but the story was cheese. There is no way one guy could do all that. That said, I thought the movie was great!

Liam was great at administering sweet payback, but the end was way too sugary sweet and happy.

yeah she should of gotten raped.

tastefully of course.

It was a little unrealistic that he could whoop so much ass by himself, even thought it was a bunch of frenchies

You would think he would have taken his other 3 special forces ninja buddies there with him for backup (including Uncle Ricco-- did anyone else notice him?)

Great movie though, I liked it a lot

"Are we suppose to believe this scrawny bunch of guys in the beginning are ex-Special-Forces bad asses? They look like they hang out at Star Bucks and live in San Fransisco."

I am pretty sure ex-special forces guys do hang out and have BBQs and go to starbucks and talk about how much fun killing used to be. SF is a nice place so I wouldn't doubt that they would live there. Also, I don't think real life special forces look like Arnold in the movie commando. The are mostly regular guys that know how to put a serious hurting on anybody that gets in their way.

 This movie's made $53 million over here already, on top of whatever it made when it was released last year in Europe, and I think it was pretty low budget. Glad to hear; but it again makes me wonder how The Punisher, with such a well-known character, was such a massive bomb? It's not like Liam Neeson is a big draw for action fans.