Liberal NYU professor has epic total meltdown.

Skip ahead to about 10:20 to watch the professor (as she repeatedly reminds the police) begin her total meltdown. The whole video is fun to watch, though. The professor orders the cops to go inside and beat the people peacefully assembling so her snowflake students won't have to dirty their hands with the task.

Yes, I know "liberal NYU professor" is a total redundancy.

I love how she is preaching "peace" literally 5 seconds after telling cops to beat asses who are assembling peacefully. 

I'ts like were watching the end of free speach in America. And it coming from the people who claim to promote it. I feel sad for future generations, freedom is slipping away from us.

cue the loony tunes music

She should be ashamed of herself. She's a grown woman acting like a spoiled brat because they won't let the "protesters" get away with rioting. 

 i cant believe im the same species as that


That was fucking hilarious 

I knew I saw this sad face somewhere before. Look same guy standing behind her. I guess it's 24/7 struggle for him haha.

worstcasescenario - there are currently 95K+ Google news results in active circulation for 'NYU professor'....

her case made me look up Melissa Click, wondering what she does now:

looks like she took a full step down to lecturer and got hired by Gonzaga

1A has it's limits.

I love how liberals call people "nazi's" when just a little bit ago they were trying to prevent a gay jew from speaking at another campus. 

BigEyedFish - 

 i cant believe im the same species as that

Lol. No shit.



Lmao @ these communist nut sacks

FreightTrain - .

Lmao @ u and this old ass clip of fat boy doing nothing


She should be punched in the throat!!!so funny all these people that call for violence are very obviously the ones who've been insulated from it all their lives!!!!

I refuse to believe that's not staged lol

What a nut bag