Liberals, Flat Out, Don't Want Free Speech

I am thinking about that small innocuous statement. Seems impossible that any American would flat out tell you they are against free speech, right? But it’s true. I found myself on some liberal websites, like Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, and it’s in the open, in your face, they simply do not want free speech. They have no qualms about it either. No shame. only righteous indignation that other Americans would want free speech. How evil are these people?

I try to be fair and even-keeled, so I’m wondering why or how this is? They are against Elon Musk, they are against American citizens being able to say stuff online, period. They are working to fight this and it’s alarming to say the least.

Can you liberals explain to me, in any terms, why this is? Where are your brains at that you don’t support free speech on the internet? Walk me through your thought process, please.

After I’ll explain to you what free speech means to this nation, and then we can talk about you moving the fuck out of here.


They sure like to run their mouths alot for not wanting free speech.


You’re talking to bots and retards. And also retarded bots.

Its a waste of time.

I am convinced its there to make you go crazy and go on meds.


@Fighting dailywire covers this quite a bit and does a good job explaining how libs are anti- free speech.


It’s easy to be against free speech when the party they support controls the house, senate and presidency.

Let’s see how they feel after the midterms.


wE nEEd tO InVItE oUr rE$iDeNT rETaRd$ @theraskal aNd @DonaldTrumpHasMyHeartAndMyVote tO WeIgH iN.


Careful OP. Your girlfriend is likely a free-spirited liberal who aligns with these nut jobs.

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The hippies from the 60s would be absolutely disgusted at what their party stands for.

Big business, anti-free speech, anti-white, anti-straight, they want to fuck kids and teach 6yo about tranny penises, etc… they are a complete sham!


Those retarded girls are easy to fuck…


This true and they are usually full white.

Le Shat


No one should be surprised, this is the left. We have a century of this pattern in every country they poisoned.

Le Shat


How many nations have free speech? America and who else? Not Canada. Not the UK, I don’t think. Any other western nation? Any other nation at all?

I am a big supporter, fyi.


Most of the hippies from the 60s are still alive bro, and they probably just morphed into the old weirdos of today who blindly follow the new trendy ideology.


Im agnostic but wow the signs of evil seem to be revealing itself at every corner with these people.


In the 80’s the retards of America were manipulated into thinking dungeon and dragons was a satanic cult recruitment tool. Now they get whipped into an ignorant frenzy from twitter instead


Alot. Japan, Brazil, India, South Korea to name a few off the top of my head. The people just either have more respect and honor, more fear, or get less offended.

lol at OP filling his diaper like this on a lovely saturday morning

go outside and breathe some oxygen you goon

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Because they know their ideas are trash and won’t stand up to even the tiniest bit of intelligent pushback. It’s easier for them to pretend that the majority of people want that shit, people who aren’t politically savvy will see this and think yeah, they’re the good guys. It’s fucked up really.


Depends on the liberal and or conservative

I support freedom of speech but understand limiting freedom is actually the default in any other country, so it’s uniquely American to be obsessed with individualism and freedom of expression. The US has never had a queen or king and was in general founded on the philosophy of telling people to fuck off and being violent about it.

So ignoring the people who really just want communist control, new liberals are just about safety and harmony. They see Europeans have limitations to freedom and less raucous - so are envious.

As Americans we pay the price of internal discord because it’s in our cultural dna to believe in the individual and exceptionalism.