Liberals fleeing Portland due to policies they voted for

That’s your best guess?

Should have setup the phone for vid for the chainsaw debacle today, but I was just pissed and not thinking about anything but getting those fuckers out. Had a different RV pull up about two weeks ago, I rolled out and said nope, you can’t park that piece of shit here to the fat balding dude driving it. His wife (hot little Russian looking thing, guy was batting well outside his average) came out and explained they were coming back from a family vacation and were there to buy the headboard we were selling for our move. Laughed my ass off at that one. My girlfriend thought I was a dick, but whatever no homeless folks by our house.

Oh thank god its just that we are importing illiterate lettuce pickers who dont speak english.


definitely time for the threequal… Escape from Portland

reality TV meets The Running Man meets The Hunger Games

ya at least blame the right people if you are outraged about literacy rates in California

You have no idea
Portland is lame, State is huge
So many great counties and people in Oregon
Tell me exactly what they should do to stop a Portland?

I have a couple lesbians from Portland that bought a house down the street. They fit every stereotype to a T.


One looks like a gay guy

Angry miserable cunts looking for offense everywhere they go

Talk about how cool and sophisticated portland was.

Still have black lives matter sign up


Check out the big brain on Brad!

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The one that looks like a guy is banco


Yeah, because New York and California’s education system are doing such a great job with math and science.


New Blood Showtime GIF by Dexter


Yup, it is the illegal immigrants and the African American households that are making literacy rates in California plummet. Remove these two groups, and California isn’t doing too horribly compared to other places.

The hilarious thing is that because of these two groups, these schools score high on “equity” in places like GreatSchools, thus bringing up the overall score of the school. Parents are deceived, thinking the schools they are placing their children in are not quite the hellholes they turn out to be.

The school my children go to have a 1 or 2 on equity on GreatSchools and that tanks the overall score, but if you just filter that out and look at test, students per teacher, and the important parts of learning, it shoots up to an 8 or 9, which isn’t bad for a small rural school.


Lock them all in Portland, abolish the police department, ban guns and never let anyone who voted democrat leave. Let them suffer through what they voted for.

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Thats bulsht I am from Californy and lots ov good readers in here. I can read all kinds ov sins and papers and letters on bildings, no promblem.


I hope they all get taken out before they leave the state.

Stupid leftist won’t be back.

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Only Chicago is liberal in IL


This is the OG, its absolutes or NOTHING!!!

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