TLDR gets attacked, her dog gets wounds that prove fatal. Neighborhood organizes to get the attacker, a crazy guy, arrested. They then get accused of racism and harassed for trying to find the attacker


"But gradually, other voices emerged. A vocal minority asked why Park Slope residents, mostly white, were calling for the police to take down a man who appeared to be homeless and emotionally disturbed. Others called the man a “monster,” a “predator” or a “psychopath.” As on other social media platforms, the most ardent voices made the most noise.

Martin Lofsnes, 52, a dancer and choreographer who moved out of the neighborhood in 2020, came across the conversation while trying to sell some stuff and was appalled by the vitriol directed at an impoverished man, and by what he called “this vigilante attitude.”

He urged people on the thread to put their emotions aside and consider “400 yrs of systematic racism which has prevented black people from building generational wealth through homeownership resulting in the extreme disparity we see today.” Arresting the man, he wrote, would solve none of that.

With all the affluence in Park Slope, he posted, maybe critics should raise money to help the man, not throw him to the lethal jail system, from which he would most likely emerge more dangerous, or not emerge at all."

" Kristian Nammack, 59, who works in sustainable financing, read the Moose posts on Nextdoor and grew frustrated that nothing seemed to be happening. So he decided to do something about it. He invited people on Nextdoor and Meetup to form a neighborhood watch group to “take our neighborhood back.” As an enticement, he created a logo and printed 10 T-shirts. “We may also get to wear cool berets,” his solicitation offered, nodding to the Guardian Angels, an anti-crime “safety patrol” prominent in the ’70s and ’80s.

Mr. Nammack’s name for the new group: Park Slope Panthers.

He did not see the backlash coming.

“In my mind it was getting people to provide some visibility of community members in the park, especially at hours when women feel vulnerable, like 6 to 9,” he said. “Not vigilantes, not with guns, not with the intention to tackle an attacker, but just to be another physical presence. I think just a presence deters crime.”

Mr. Nammack, who was involved in ACT UP and Occupy Sandy, presents himself as a soft-spoken voice of reason, with a Quaker background and a longstanding commitment to progressive causes. He was surprised suddenly to be embraced by people to the right of him. He said he was invited to appear on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and to meet with Curtis Sliwa, the Guardian Angels founder who ran a tough-on-crime campaign for mayor. Flustered, he declined both.

Then there was the group’s name, which was an immediate flash point: a white financial services guy using the Panther name to take action against a Black man. At the group’s first and only meeting, the scattering of potential volunteers was met by a group of four people, all white, who showed up to disrupt the proceedings.

As described in the news site Hell Gate and the newsletter Common Sense, things went awry almost from the start. A man calling himself Snow told the group, “We are super not into you guys having your meeting, or doing anything in the park,” according to Hell Gate. “The opposite of what we need right now is more cops in this park and more people who want to be helping the cops in this park, when people are already being, like, chased down by the cops.”

To the delight of people who enjoy making fun of Park Slope liberals, one of the disrupters, a woman calling herself Sky, said, “Crime is an abstract term that means nothing in a lot of ways,” according to Common Sense."

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I’m very empathetic toward people who are unhoused and are having hard times and who have mental illness,” she said. “I think that there should be more resources for them. There should be more housing situations. But what I emphasize is that this is just one person who needs to be removed from the park. He’s violent. End of story.”

For two months, she has grown increasingly impatient with the police, local officials and neighbors on Nextdoor who seemed more concerned about her attacker’s welfare than her safety.

“Are they waiting for somebody to die?” she said. “Are they waiting for someone to get hurt more severely? I was lucky. My dog was not. What happens to the next person? What happens if it’s a child? How many more people need to be harmed?”

Mr. Nammack, for his part, had come to see his failed effort to start a community watch group, and the disastrous meetup, as a successful exercise in democracy. He had solicited a range of viewpoints, and he got them. “The Saturday meeting, looking back, it was great,” he said. “It brought up a lot of issues. It was quite diverse. It left more open questions than answers. They’re all good questions, but I don’t have the bandwidth to answer. So I feel like I opened a can of worms, and I’m walking away from it.”

For now, he was urging people to sign a petition on, demanding that Mayor Eric Adams “take appropriate action to rectify this matter.” More than 600 people have signed the petition.

But Mr. Nammack was not done. After a brief ban from Nextdoor, which was never explained, he returned to the fray. Once again he posted the police sketch of Ms. Chrustic’s attacker, above the headline: STILL AT LARGE. PROSPECT PARK VAGRANT. VIOLENT AND SOCIOPATHIC.

Twenty-seven people clicked that they liked the post. Then Mr. Nammack’s posts were removed again.

Lose a bet?

Nope. Just found a story with ridiculous behavior and shared it

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Was just joking. Fucked up story, sadly it is exactly what I expect from nextdoor and shit like that. Happens every time around where I live.

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Women have literally posted about teen girls being chased by crazed dudes and some people are like “please don’t call the police on POC!” and shit. Fuck you.


Jimmy is seeing the light.


End times are nigh.

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Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016

Throwing money at them is not the solution. It’s like sating more education will stop teenagers from fucking. I can’t drive 2 blocks without passing a soup kitchen, a men’s substance abuse halfway house, a low barrier shelter, the salvation army, all the while scores of junkies are within walking distance dropping their infected needles everywhere and harassing locals because they “need help”.

Fuck the homeless.

TLDR probably shitpost of the day.

Real life Monsters are due on maple st