Libs, who do you think SHOULD get the vaccine, and why?

For instance, I’m fit, healthy, already had Covid, 40 years old, not bad at all, and have had more vaccines in my life than most of you due to travel to sketchy parts of the world. Should I get it? Why?

What’s your demographic criteria?

Those who want one only regardless of anything else



If you want symptoms less harsh. 40 is already in the gray zone where getting it unvaccinated won’t be fun. You will also be less likely to spread it to others if infected.

Also, it’s free and easy to schedule (including walk-in clinics).


But I already had it and have antibodies - which last longer than a vaccine. And I’m less likely to spread it now or have harsh symptoms because I already had it and did not have harsh symptoms the first time.





Also libs;



This is arguing with a leftist on this subject.


They don’t understand how vaccines work or what natural immunity means but yet tell you to trust the science.


And conservatives: “I’m not going to die from it so who cares if I kill other folks?”


This is disingenuous and unscientific. We call this a two-for…


I’m a Democrat. I think anyone who wants to get one should get one. Under no circumstances should anyone be forced to get one.

We are supposed to live in a free country. And more people need to mind their own fuckin business.


No one should be forced to get one. But restaurants, universities, airline, and employers have every right to require one by their decision.


And if they decide to not require one?


Except they aren’t making that decision. A fascist government is forcing them to do so or else. You are aware of this fact, right?


We need 97 to 98 percent of legal Americans to go back to normal

Everyone 18+ because trading about a 1% risk from cv19 for about a .05 risk from a vaccine is a good trade even if you are under 50.

If you are one of those people that get really sick with covid for no apparent reason that .05 risk of adverse reaction from a vaccine (which includes minor things too) looks incredibly good. It’s just a different type of risk statistically. I don’t understand why anyone would pick the choice that has a higher chance of killing you

My opinion doesn’t factor the reality that a lot of people believe there is potential for some serious side effects of the vaccines down the road that are unaccounted for. If you don’t believe the statistics or the science behind the testing, and believe that something horrible is going to happen you can’t be forced to take a vaccine.

So it’s a personal choice and what I want to happen is statistically impossible without tyranny. It gets murkier when ICU’s are getting hammered with people who have chosen to not to vaccinate, but even though I think these people are idiots they have the right to do what they believe in.

It isn’t going to help an overburdened ICU with FIRING trained medical staff because of Covid vaccines. One of the most irresponsible, unscientific decisions I have seen in a while. Let’s cause what we are trying to avoid because reasons.


It’s a legal decision.

people in ICU’s work with at risk patients. It’s not science or politics imo

If i had a family member in the ICU and they died of covid after getting it from an unvaccinated staff I’d be fucking livid. If you work in a hospital or a nursing home etc vaccines should be mandatory as terms of employment. That’s a mandate I don’t have a problem with. Your job is not a right, find a new one.

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Many of them will find a new job in another profession. Thinking you will bring in the NG to solve this or pull random people off the streets that are vaccinated is idocy. These are trained professionals. We have a fucking crisis with the workforce in America to begin with. Now we are going to fire people that are not replaceable in a timely manner to prevent something they are going to cause? Firing a portions of trained medical professionals is the polar opposite of what people whom are concerned about overwhelming the healthcare system would do if they were sane. It is politically driven mania. It is irresponsible and will cause real problems.


Don’t waste your time on that resurrected faggot. He’s just another over-opinionated jimmy23. Jimmy slings cards, this clown slings drinks.

The help. Nothing more.

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Do you mean require patrons be unvaccinated or just don’t care either way?