Libs, who do you think SHOULD get the vaccine, and why?

Just read what you wrote. You’ve got all the answers and already dug your heels in.

Ha! I’m not gonna take the bait and post in this thread!


Ok so I’ll ask again…Why should someone that has already had it and is not in any risk category get the vaccine? I’m awaiting a response.

And “anti-vax” is one of those terms that has been wrongfully applied to people that don’t want to take the current COVID-19 vaccines. You’re clearly coming from a place of fear so I don’t hold your overtly emotion-driven responses against you too much.

Mataleo already said people shouldn’t get it if they’ve already had it, what’s your point?

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I’ll tell you who’s not getting vaccinated. Black Americans.

Only 30% of black Americans are fully vaccinated.

I’m not surprised democrats are telling black people what to do.

I’m a little surprised black people are telling the dims to fuck off.

US COVID-19 Vaccine Progress Tracker | Vaccinations by State | USAFacts

They were never “following the science” or even cared about science. It was just another slogan to use to get people to do what they wanted. Plenty of leftists like Chet have proved this time and time again.

Meanwhile, back in reality, blacks are getting vaccinated at greater than their population percentage, which will continue to narrow the gap.

If anything, vaccination rates among black people is a testimony that persistence in messaging and policy yields results,

Unvaccinated black people stand in stark contrast to Trumptards who, as a group, have demonstrated themselves to be impervious to reason,

Everyone that can and wants to has had an opportunity to get vaccinated. It is time to move on the fear mongering doing more damage than the virus.

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How long has the vaccine been available?

Good luck with that messaging.

Really stop and think about the point that you are trying to make here. Does it make sense? Does it support the point I replied to?

I was speaking idiotthekid as to why the names on vile where different as it was explained there. I also believe the doctor did not say you shouldn’t get a vaccine, rather it was not needed at this time. There is a difference right?

The point I’m making is that only 30% of the black population has been vaccinated, which the data supports.

actually your point was that black people “are not getting vaccinated”.

but actually, that is not true. they are getting vaccinated at a rate higher than their population. their share of vaccinations have been increasing.


I’m not getting the Trump vaccine!!!