Libtard gets owned by grandpa

That is the epitome of the modern liberal right there. Losers who’ve spent their entire lives at the bottom of the totem pole, and the virtue signaling bullshit makes them feel self-important.

You can see how oblivious she is to the fact that this video only serves to show how pathetic she is - she believes that other losers will watch it and see her as some kind of cool badass.


Peter Griffin has really let himself slip these days.

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Props to pop’s…


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So let me get this straight. She got mad that her grandfather was watching something on his TV, in his house, in his living room and because of “her feelz”, he’s supposed to shut off what he’s watching so his granddaughter, who lives inside his house can lecture him about what he was watching?

Go fuck yourself lady(and I use that word loosely while assuming her biological gender). If a person is that oblivious to how stupid and ridiculous they are acting, they have little hope in ever becoming a functional member of society. My fear is that a majority of Gen Zers will instinctively praise all of the actions she described instead of either fixing and correcting whatever brainwashing she’s consumed or simply humiliating her for her own good.

For fuck sake, if I live long enough to need to be taken care of by others, it’s fucktards like this wench that’ll try to smother me with a pillow because she saw me watching a Seinfeld rerun. Luckily for me, I’m willing to bet that even at 85 years old that I’d still be able to defend myself against one of these precious little snowflakes. Fucking embarrassing.


I demand a follow up to this story!!!

You know you’ll only have them for a short while. If they’re not complete scumbags spend time with them and let them enjoy the rest of their lives in peace doing what they love and do it with them when you can.

Otherwise, leave them be. Don’t mooch off them and expect them to learn new tricks for your worthless ass. You have garnered zero respect to have any say.

Good for Gramps kicking her to the curb

Wonder what movie?

I had no idea this was hot girl bummer song

Idiot kids, sorry young adults, posting their Ls online. Fucking sad. Theyre too stoopid to even see what theyre doing.

She might demand to get evicted and claim some Covid exemption


…have a beer with Grandpa.

all grandpa has to do is change the router password and that fat shit will leave because theres no way she is going out for exercise to keep her busy. She wants to live on her couch and fire farts into the cushions from her bad diet all day long online

Comes across as a joke but nobody that looks like that has any type of sense of humor.

I just want to know what was the movie? I mean screw her if it was something like the Little Mermaid but if grandpa was watching the pain olympics on the living room TV I admit that is too far.


Nah dude you don’t get it. Nobody gets to tell grandpa what to watch. You don’t get to admit that something goes to far on that mans tv.