LICORICE PIZZA Trailer (2021) (Paul Thomas Anderson)

a. looks like a feel-good romcom… boring


b. Licorice Pizza? Jesus fucking Christ they are running out of movie titles, no wonder they are remaking everything under the sun.

That looks pretty bad

PLandemic movies suck ass

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I’ll watch it cause it’s PTA plus PSH son. I’m skeptical though.

Licorice Pizza was the name of a record store here in CA where i grew up back in the 80s

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Name of an iconic record store. hipster shit basically.

Still sounds better than pineapple pizza.


Hoping the subject matter is darker than what we see in the trailer.

See I don’t know hipster shit. I’m cooler than that.

Looks like a bunch of Hollywooders made this to relive their imagined childhoods through their offspring actors… Or maybe it will be good.

He’s made a few good movies.

It’s not hipster shit you Turbo Billy flyover faggots it’s Valley dude shit. MY SHIT!! Fuck off with your jealous faggetry of my once bitchin homeland.

Are 40 year old OGers really excited to see a teenage coming of age drama?

I’m more expecting to be depressed about how rad my old area was that’s now smothered in homeless flyover fecal matter

“Valley dude shit”…oh boy. Nobody is jealous of your homeland, valley dude. That trailer looks like just another piece of feminine romcom bullshit.

This could be true if it wasn’t coming from the blatant In N Out jellous dude.


I’m not jealous of people who eat at In N Out, I feel sorry for them.

You saying I’m jealous of In N Out eaters is like saying Arnold’s character was jealous of Danny DeVito’s character in Twins.


Never even heard of this flyover bullshit until last week. You guys are running out of contenders :joy:

Even Tommy’s smokes that place.

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Are you conflating Licorice Pizza with the movie Mystic Pizza, or comparing to the old record store Licorice Pizza? Inquiring minds what to know:)

Not conflating it with Mystic Pizza. Was just not familiar with the Licorice Pizza pop culture reference so it just sounded like an absurd title for a movie. Movie still looks quite gay.