Liddel / Pride Producer = Big Day

There is still time to register. Be sure to let us know or 519-991-4558.

This will be a huge day as the North American Producer of Pride will be attending this seminar to scout for local talent for upcoming Pride shows. This is a once in a lifetime chance.

Also the highlight of the day will obviously be the UFC's top Contender 'the Iceman' Chuck Liddel who will be teaching some of today's best techniques and theory's on how to be the best of the best.

Don't let anything stop you from attending this seminar, its gonna rock. There will also be a meet and great supper with 'the Iceman' after the event for all of those attending the seminar.

Do you really think the producer is going to be scouting???? It would be more appropriate for him to be scouting at TKO or UGC where he could see the talent in action, not at a seminar. Come on, sell the seminar not some lie.

Actually bigfoot19,

Mr. Millen has already been involved with some of the participants of the seminar. He knows of the TKO and will also be attending that show in September. The process of scouting is not an immediate one and i am pretty sure he knows it well. Your question of credability of his presence makes me question your lack of knowledge on the subject. Thanks for your support.

Shawn Tompkins


You said it yourself "The process of scouting is not an immediate one and i am pretty sure he knows it well". Why are you recruiting people to attend your event on the fact that the Pride producer will be in attendance??? If the producer has already been scouting he should have people already in mind to speak with.

What your post implies, is that he is there to scout everyone in attendance, and you should come to the event because you might have a chance of becoming a "superstar". When in fact he is only there to speak with a selected few. It seems like you are trying to attract people to your event on the chance that they might be discovered. I am not questioning his crediblity, I am questioning your motives. Sell the seminar!

oh oh....


Bigfoot19 I guess you have a better way to get into the big shows. The bottom line is this, if your there and he see's potential you may have a chance. But if your not there and you stay home and play on the internet all day you become a hero in your own mind.

Best of luck and next time you do something for the sport be sure to let me know I am always up to give out some props.


I'll have a better chance of being discovered at the event! Won't Chuck be busy teaching or will there be time for everyone there showcase their talent. At all the other seminars I have attended most of the time is dedicated to the instructor and techniques. I don't think many people want to pay $100 or $80 to watch other people other than Chuck. That's what there are paying for right, "Chuck". Simple fact, the event is about Chuck not being scouted. Sell the seminar!


Whatever man.. I'm not going to waste my time fighting with you over something you know nothing about.

I am sure that everyone involved in the seminar is going to have a great time, an awesome experience and get way more than their money's worth. While we're doing that you have a great weekend.

And once again let me know when you do something for the sport.

Mr. Tompkins

Hi Shawn,

I need to get a hold of you and lost your number. Can you email it to me please.

Thanks and best of luck with the seminar! Sounds like a blast!


I'm going to press him to put in an old guy, runt division. Then I can be a star. (or see stars)

**sighing heavily as I play on the internet all day and become a hero in my own mind**




Try dealing with the facts in issue, not clouding the things with personal attacks. If you can't defend your stand well than my point is quite clear.

I will be enjoying my weekend, thanks!



Sell the seminar!

If the seminar doesn't get enough people, then the fighters don't come back. It seems pretty simple. We should support it however we can. That seems to make sense.

I have no problem supporting the event, but I won't support the lies that are being using to recuit people to attend.

Not sure what the lie is. The scout will be there. Liddell will be there.

This is a great opportunity for people to met with and work with Liddell. People can argue about how people get in I suppose or we can look at the positive side that we have this great chance.

Last year Shamrock was here and this year Couture and now Liddell. Great stuff is happening.

This post impies that the producer of PRIDE will be in in attendance to scout people at the seminar. It is using that thought, to attract people to this event. Shawn has already stated that, yes he is there to speak with a select few, but he wasn't able to clarify that until the issue was pressed. The producer won't be able to evalauate future pospects as it is the wrong type of venue to do so. If the event is as big as the shamrock/couture event than it would be extremely difficult to scout everyone there(plus it does not simulate real competion). Hockey scouts often sit through 100's of video tapes of future prospect before even considering a visit. Shawn is simply trying to fool the consumer and sell the LIE of being discovered. He keeps avoiding the issue and uses playground tatics when responding. His personality shines through in every respones.
Chuck is the product that should sold not some false idea that someone will be discovered.


Ok. U win.

Anyway, everyone going to the seminar have a blast!


I hope everyone at the seminar does have a good time. Chuck is an awesome instructor and puts on a good seminar. Enjoy!